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Playtime & More

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Playtime I’ve often had a vision floating around in my fertile imagination, of a surreal world in stark black & white, except for one shocking bit of color. Or a scene that was half black and white and half color. … Continue reading

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Tragic Justice

While I will not personally  be pontificating on American politics in this post, I will suggest that you seek the words of my favorite libertarian Patrick Dorinson as he shares his thoughts on Trump and the media. Superbly written. reading

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Please excuse the lack of breaks between the paragraphs in the first section of today’s post. They have been copied and pasted from a primitive word processing program and most blogs do not recognize the spacing. I’ve written a lot … Continue reading

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What Cost Freedom?

The article below is entitled The Human Cost of The Attack on Religious Liberty and was written by Bob Trent for Freedom Matters, March 06, 2017. As written……. What if the government told you that you had to create … Continue reading

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Arrested Motion

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When the hand hold-able 4×5 Speed Graphic was invented, action photography saw its beginning. When the 35mm camera, first the rangefinder, then the single lens reflex (slr) was created, photography took yet another leap forward in true mobility. The ability … Continue reading

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Shadow Dancing

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Light and shadow in the same image, equals contrast. Contrast (drama) is the photographer’s friend, but it can be a love, hate relationship. Creating our own shadows (contrasts) can be a lot of fun. Studio photography for fun or profit, gives … Continue reading

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Rhythm & Rhyme & Harmony

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With all that’s going on in the world, it’s important to every once in a while, just sit back and appreciate the earth itself and it’s beauty, as it is shared through photographic art. Tony Sweet, and Guy Tal are … Continue reading

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  The most impactful part of my life as a photographer, especially as a nature photographer, was not all of those years with birds, or photographing all of those sunrises, or even the many western landscapes I was fortunate to … Continue reading

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Crime & Punishment……and more

Since I began sharing political links (only two) from this blog, and commenting on some political posts and clicking likes to other conservative posts on social media, I have lost some friends (regained others) and found the number of friends … Continue reading

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Political Commentary

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KeepInterruptin’Mr.President From The Cowboy Libertarian. Sunday, February 05, 2017 by Patrick Dorinson During his first run for the White House in 2008, Barack Obama continually would urge on his disciples and acolytes with the phrase “Yes we can!” And whether … Continue reading

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