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Animal Adventures by Ron Toel

On a trip to the Sonoran Desert of Arizona, I had several side trips planned for the week. I wanted to see the pipe organ cactus, the saguaro cactus, javelina, desert pronghorn and big horn, and the bird that made … Continue reading

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Picture Talk

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It’s hard to ignore the yearly explosion of Canada Goose goslings.  With ducklings I usually get my images of them in a nice single file procession in the water. With goslings, bunches like this are pretty easy.  We usually have to wait on … Continue reading

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Animal Adventures by Ron Toel

Taking a trip to California, was the furthest thing from my mind when the chance presented itself. However, I found some good prices for the air fare and headed West. My first trip…….knew not what to expect or what I … Continue reading

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Please join me on this Memorial Day in remembering all of those who have given everything so that you and I can live in peace. I have had the opportunity recently to view Ken Burn’s current documentary entitled War.  It is specifically about … Continue reading

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A Day For The Birds

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I have always said that the most important thing you can do to become a good nature photographer, is shoot, shoot, shoot.  The more time you spend in the field making pictures, the better photographer you will be.  It is … Continue reading

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Animal Adventures by Ron Toel

It was an April Saturday morning in northern Illinois, and I was wearing by best camo‘s. I had found a very serene spot at Illinois Beach Park where I would go to read when I felt like doing that rather … Continue reading

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Light Show

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Photography is about light.  The quality, quantity, direction and color of light transforms photos, regardless of subject.  Almost every kind of light has value, and learning to use every type of light that you encounter, is a worthwhile endeavor.  Experience … Continue reading

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Good Questions

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Good questions deserve answers.  My recent article on filters featured polarizing filters.  I gave a written example of how we can miss polarize a blue sky by using a wide-angle lens with a polarizer.  The area of deepened blue created with the … Continue reading

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White Sands Gallery

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Many of you who are regulars here or were visitors to my website will probably have already seen a lot of the images below.  It is understandable if you prefer to wait for a new post to browse, rather than … Continue reading

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Filters: As I began to write today’s photo/text article, it occurred to me that I have never written about the use of filters in photography.  I suppose the main reason for that is I used filters very sparingly in the … Continue reading

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