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Small Talk

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Spiders are an amazing and beautiful group of subjects that I think too many photographers ignore.  In these parts, Crab Spiders are certainly one of the prettiest. Lilies are great subjects for tight compositions.  A windless day gave me the … Continue reading

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The Ruling Party…..Rules…..knowing when to hold them and when to fold them

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Apologies to Kenny Rogers for today’s title. When to use the compositional rules of photography, and when to throw them out is a dilemma faced by many photographers. They are usually newer photographers, because veterans, be they successful or not, generally … Continue reading

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Old School

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When I say “old school” I am not talking about doing things the way it used to be done.  I am talking about climbing the learning tree and how others influence our lives while we‘re on that climb. I have … Continue reading

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All About Mammals by Ron Toel

This is sort of a piece by piece examination of mammals by Ron. He subdivides them by areas of the body…so to speak.  Ron is as knowledgeable about tha natural world as anybody I have known.  It is actually as … Continue reading

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Photographic Philosophy + Fresh Eyes

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Philosophies & Reasons:  I have been staying away from commenting on the technical aspects of photography as of late. The majority of those who read Earth Images already know them.  From a software/editing point of view, I no longer have … Continue reading

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The Sounds of Silence

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Generally everything I write on these pages is original, but I do need to thank Simon and Garfunkel for today’s title. It’s funny how when we are young, our appraisals of the older generation are lacking in premonition.  I guess … Continue reading

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Mom’s Day

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I have been writing about my father since I published the old Earth Image’s newsletter.  He was still alive at that time but very sick.  I often mention my father on December 7th because he was stationed at an air base … Continue reading

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Way Back When

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It’s amazing how a trip to the back of a closet can jog memories.  At least when you haven’t cleaned your closets in 20 years.  I found a pair of cowboy boots and two cowboy hats in the “rear compartment” … Continue reading

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Today’s post began as an article to sing the praises of nature photography and how it can get you outdoors, enjoying the natural world. The second part made the case for how you can inspire others to do the same, … Continue reading

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Means of Power

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There are many ways to make a powerful image, or at least to make an image powerful.  Power can mean an African Lioness bringing down a Gemsbok with sand flying through the air, but a carefully thought out mix of … Continue reading

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