Today’s post began as an article to sing the praises of nature photography and how it can get you outdoors, enjoying the natural world. The second part made the case for how you can inspire others to do the same, with your images and your words.  It was 14 paragraphs long.  I attempted to reread the article and pretty much fell asleep.  At times I can be a little wordy.  I deleted the article and in reality, I pretty much made my point in the first two sentences of this lone paragraph.  Now let’s just enjoy some images.

fblog1awiFall 012fblog5aFoxWHarbor 081fblog11PWarbler 076fblog29Copy of DSC_2294FblogANatWRef 004fblogDSC_0063bfblogDSC_0340fblogDSC_8474fbloggMingo 015fblogHorN1 231b

I thank you for stopping by at Earth Images.

God Bless,                                                                                                                                             Wayne

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