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Even More Thoughts About Pictures

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After all of these years the subjects of nature and photography still dominate my thoughts.  Maybe I ought to be a nature photographer. I’ve mentioned before that one of the few nature photography things that I remain involved with is Flickr Photos.  I am … Continue reading

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The More Times Change

Many of us have spent much time documenting the “great divide” that exists in America today.  A country divided that seems to thrive on hate.  Even if those that we hate, are actually our friends and relatives. I have written much … Continue reading

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Cuts Both Ways

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“Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.”  Dale E. Turner I would like to welcome you back to the Earth Images Blog.  The … Continue reading

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Time’s a Changin

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The technology of photography has been changing since its advent back in the mid 19th century.  It goes on today. I have mentioned before that I used to teach photography through field workshops and group slide shows.  That began in 1992 … Continue reading

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The Natural Observer Continues

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I want to welcome any new readers that might be with us today and also say thanks to each of you who have been supporting this forum on a regular basis.   I have insinuated on a few occasions that I would only be … Continue reading

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Details & Problem Solving

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I love drawing paralells between nature photography and life.  It has always seemed to me, that life (the non-spritual side) is and always has been about taking care of the details, and solving those daily problems that plague us all.  … Continue reading

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All Over The Map

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Today’s post really has only a few cohesive threads running through the pictures and captions.  It is truly “all over the map”.  My thoughts at the bottom of the page hopefully carry a slightly more consistent theme. Yesterday I was rummaging around … Continue reading

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Keeping The Magic

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I am a believer that to be a good nature photographer you need to have a love affair with both your subjects, and the act of photography.   This has never been a major issue with me.  After 40 years of … Continue reading

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