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Prowling For Owls…..and other stuff

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Owls are today’s primary subject.  Of all of the nature subjects that I have photographed, it seems owls and foxes are the two that everyone loves.  I have always analyzed and agonized over why people like this photo and not that … Continue reading

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Places With Spaces……Favorite Locations To Commit The Act of Photography

It’s been a while since I have written about my favorite places to make pictures.   The article below is a bit more inclusive than previous posts on this subject.   This is only about locations that I have personally visited and where … Continue reading

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A Wing and a Prayer

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A Wing and a Prayer. Flying in circles…Sandhill Cranes Community…Trees on the plateau…Colorado Favorite trees…Conifer & Lake Michigan Wild dog…Black-tailed Prairie Dog…South Dakota Staying in front of the storm…Ring-billed Gull A reason to embrace winter…Wisconsin The dark side of White … Continue reading

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The Gift

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There is no time of day that compares to morning.  Especially sunrise.  Nocturnal animals are still out and about.  Diurnal creatures are starting their day.  There is anticipation and wonder in what is yet to come.   As a photographer you … Continue reading

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Set Yourself Free

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Watching and photographing birds is an enlightening and freeing experience.  Of the many photographic subjects that I have captured ( I hate that term) with a camera in my lifetime, it is birds that allow my spirit to soar.  Mankind … Continue reading

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Clean & Simple

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Clean & simple.  Less is more.  I wonder how many times I’ve made those statements in my photographic life.  It is one of the hardest “rules”  to teach new photographers.   What it really means is that your attention is not solely on … Continue reading

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Leap of Faith?

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It seems like for at least 20 years I have been harping about the joy of not limiting yourself on the amount of differing photographic (at least nature) subjects we cover, and the various ways in which we photograph them.  There … Continue reading

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A few posts back I showed  some images that were made in 2011.  I have made very few this year but I have made what I could and where and how I could.  This was the first year since the 1980s in which … Continue reading

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Thank You!

I want to take this opportunity on Veteran’s Day to thank all of you who have served in our armed services, as you are a special breed!  It has become fashionable to remember days like this and that is a … Continue reading

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Cloudy Day Landscapes

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Like most photographers, I love to create landscapes in the golden light of morning or afternoon.  With locations like the sandstone formations of the high desert, any degree of sidelighting will help develop those tiny shadows behind each minute piece of … Continue reading

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