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It’s All in How You See It

Each of us are different. Those differences can be seen in many different ways. Photography can be as individualistic and personal as anything we do. Given time with a student, when I taught workshops I always at least attempted to … Continue reading

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More Small Talk

The three great images of America that you see below, were created during Natural Connections Photo Workshops. For those who may be at the stage of your photography where you are workshop shopping (try to say the fast three times), … Continue reading

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Five Parts

Part 1-Photography Let’s begin today with a pair of very old flower images. They are digital originals but were created shortly after I swapped film for files. Both of the images below were made in the same style.  Shallow depth … Continue reading

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Opposing Values

I would imagine given the title of today’s post, that you might think that it is about my views on something that is of political/social nature. Not today. Today’s article is about the photography related topic I probably write most … Continue reading

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Independence Day

I know it is not popular to refer to today’s holiday as Independence Day, but that is the actual name and purpose of the holiday. It is meant as a remembrance of this nation’s gaining of “independence” from England. We … Continue reading

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