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Wild Childs

Today I share with you a small visual salute to some wildlife children. The good Lord planned for our wild neighbors to start small and grow just as He did us. A favorite subject of mine were Red Fox kits. … Continue reading

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Does Anybody Want The Truth?

Most of the world wants to be informed. We are all curious. Just look at the plethora of news shows from TV, radio and the internet. Above all, look at social media sites and blogs etc. We all have a … Continue reading

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The Edge

To say that the posts that I write on these pages, have had more than a fair amount of repetitiveness to them, would be understating the obvious.  Especially the photography posts. I have been writing them for a long time … Continue reading

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The Art of Action, Light, Texture & Design

I have two spectacular, each in their own way, images today, from two superb photographer/artists.  Hence forth today’s title. Raymond Barlow shows us that not only is wildlife photography an artistic endeavor, but wildlife action is as artful and any … Continue reading

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Philosophically Speaking

Such a  big word. Philosophically. One dictionary definition is………… Concerned with deep questions of life. Concerned with or given to thinking about the larger issues and deeper meanings in life and eventsEncarta ® World English Dictionary I think the above … Continue reading

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Photography 101

Searching for photography subjects can be fun, or it can be frustrating. Sometimes photographers put too much  emphasis on spectacular or rare subjects. When in doubt, just go out and start making pictures. Especially with nature, we are or should … Continue reading

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