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Ocho Mas

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Today I bring you eight great photos by eight great photographers. There is nothing like a Guy Tal Image. His use of lines and shapes, light and shadow, is of a superior nature. This looks to be the Grand Canyon. … Continue reading

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Once lost, Now Found

I seem to be one of the few people left in the secular world who often signs off my public writings with the phrase God Bless.  I have also included “religious sounding” statements in posts on rare occasions.  I am frequently … Continue reading

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The Edge of The Canyon

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Memories From The Field, Part Three A lot of my memories from the field, are special because they were created in a special place. Black Canyon of The Gunnison, Colorado is one such place. The truth be known, from a … Continue reading

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The Spice of Life

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It is said that variety is the spice of life. That is true of our photographic lives as well. For proof…..see below. In my opinion, this big, powerful black and white is dripping with mood. It’s a mood that lives … Continue reading

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Lost & Found

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A good location (habitat) for one species of wildlife, is always good for other creatures as well. I’ve shown images from this Great-blue Heron rookery (too) many times. I am not sure if I’ve ever shown pictures of other wildlife … Continue reading

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Quick Trip

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No, I’m not talking of a gas station, just a quick trip to view five (really six) great pictures. There is nothing like celebrating wonderful photographic subjects, that have been photographed by great photographers. Sunrise, motion blurred water, dead tree … Continue reading

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The Human Touch

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There is something of man, in each of today’s images. My Hand of Man post several years ago was I believe, the last time that there were no pure nature photos in an Earth Images post. The Alsolfsskallakikja Church in … Continue reading

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Good Behavior

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The one thing you can capture in wildlife photography, that you cannot with landscape photography, is behavior. At least not in the common definition. All wildlife action, is behavior, although not all behavior is action.. Stretching, eating, mating, preening, scratching, … Continue reading

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Today’s title is not a commentary on the fine imagery you see below, but a description of the “quick look” we will take at the five pictures in this post.   It also is not to be confused with the 2011 … Continue reading

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When I think spring, I think green. I wandered around with my camera on a quiet spring morning, not really thinking about spring or the color green. I had been making some close-ups and as I hiked the wooded trail … Continue reading

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