Quick Trip

No, I’m not talking of a gas station, just a quick trip to view five (really six) great pictures. There is nothing like celebrating wonderful photographic subjects, that have been photographed by great photographers. Sunrise, motion blurred water, dead tree silhouettes and a sunstar. It doesn’t get any better than this. The location is Botany Bay, South Carolina and Tom Ambrose is the photographer.1Botany-Bay, South Carolina Tom Ambrose Amazing!! The minute I saw this spectacular image by Hasindu Ransara of a Common Kingfisher ascending from a hole in the ice, with not one but three small fish…..well this is what action wildlife photography is all about.2Common-Kingfisher_www Hasindu Ransara This “sky full of Snow Geese” photo was made by Jon, who placed it in my Flickr group named (of course) Earth Images. Snow Goose migration is worthy of the time of any true wildlife photographer.3-jon Snow Geese Michael Frye always makes pictures that captivate. They may be of a spectacular location, or just of an orchard down the road. When you have the eye of an artist, location is always secondary.Sunbeams and fog in a Sacramento Valley orchard, CA, USA Of course there are in fact great locations. If anybody can look at this Michael Blanchette image of a mountain in Iceland and its reflection, and not say they would have loved to have been there at the moment of the picture’s conception…..well you’re a stronger person than I.5MAB-20150228-ICELAND-MOUNTAIN-REFLECTION-Michael Blanchette While I’m sure there would be great fun, fellowship and camaraderie to be had with this group in Canyonlands N. P. in Utah,  this is why if I were still pursuing pictures, I would only frequent the least known locations. The pictures were always only a portion of the experience I was after, and pushing into a crowd for a snapshot of an iconic location would fail to satisfy my needs.  Stacy Lankford made the picture. How many other photographers, or non-photographers, were unable to make pictures, or just view this scene on that morning, because of this crowd?6Canyonlands Stacy Lankford Have an amazing day,                                                                                                                  Wayne

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