About Wayne

I have been involved in one form or another of professional photography, be it part time or full time, since 1971. I spent many years in sports editorial (mostly car racing) photography. I have done studio, wedding and architectural photography as well. My first love has always been the natural world and in recent years I have made nature stock photography and photography workshops the center piece of my photographic endeavors. I started my first website in 1997 and recently closed down the Earth Images site. I am in fact on my way towards a premature retirement but still find the desire and need to both comment and make a few pictures along the way. I am sort of weening myself off of this life long passion.

My first love has always been stock photography and a small sampling of my credits are……National Geographic Books, Smithsonian, Time Inc., Birder’s World, Birds & Blooms, Outdoor Photographer, The Wilderness Society, The Nature Conservancy, AAA, Gladstone Calendars, Stock Car Racing, Open Wheel and many, many more.

Thanks for visiting my blog,
Wayne Nelson

5 Responses to About Wayne

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  2. Mike Stout says:

    I came across your site while doing research for Northland Adventurer. You are an incredible talent and I enjoy viewing your look. Would you be interested in contributing some of your photography to http://www.NorthlandAdventurer.com.

    Our mission is, “To inspire adventure in all of us.” Our focus is Adventure, Destination and Activities in the Northland. This being defined as the Upper Midwest, including; Western and Northern MI, WI, MN, Dakotas and contiguous areas.

    While all of your work is impressive, I was particularly interested in your wildlife images: Northern Pintail, American Kestrel, Short Eared Owl, Cottontail Rabbit, Golden Eyes… I would welcome the opportunity to do a feature story about you and your work.

    You can visit our Artists Gallery to see how others have been featured.

    Your work is truly impressive. Thank You.

    Warm regards,

    Mike Stout

  3. Doug Whitman says:

    Beautiful photography. You may wish to read about Mach Bands, discovered by Ernst Mach; the human eye can resolved an edge finer than the distance between two receptive cells as the eyes naturally “jiggle,” From that we get edge effects and one of those is created by a particular slope of light, or dark as it approaches an edge. The mind’s eye literally creates bands of light and dark that are not present in the external image.

    • Thank you for your comment Doug! Mach Bands sound amazing. That makes a photographer wonder, if he/she is seeing more than what’s in the image. In other words, is it the picture, our eyes, or our perceptions?

      Great comment Doug!

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