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A Quiet Morning With a Special Friend

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The pictures below were made in early 2010 and were the second to last fox photos I made.  Normally I would show this type of imagery one or two at a time and in the context of slighty bigger picture … Continue reading

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A few of the absolute brightest stars of today’s nature photographers are listed below. Incredible landscapes…Marc Adamus Outdoor Photographer Magazine’s  biggest landscape star of 2010, Joseph Rossbach David & Diane Reesor wildlife & nature from around the world. Let’s begin … Continue reading

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70… last!

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Some birds are a better fit with close up, crisp, detail rich and colorful shots than others.  The Redhead duck is one such critter.  Rather standard poses but they work because of the duck.  The Male Common Goldeneye (bottom) also works … Continue reading

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The Wanderer

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As is a common occurrence with this blog (and myself), we will wander through a variety of subjects today. For the past five years or so I have been on a mission to see that we do not forget the … Continue reading

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Leaving It On Empty

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Back in the days when I was married,  my wife and I shared two cars with either of us using either car.  In other words one car wasn’t hers and one mine, they each belonged to both of us.  It … Continue reading

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Swan Song

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Everything worked out recently and the decision was made to grab a camera one more time.   Most of my swan photography has been done with the endangered Trumpeter Swans or migrating Tundra Swans. Still you cannot deny the grace and … Continue reading

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Just Birds

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It is a rare day when I display several images and they are all of one basic subject. Today’s lone subject is my most prolific, birds. There was no pattern or purpose to the specific images I chose. I pretty … Continue reading

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Leaving Us Behind / In memory of Tuxedo

I return to write one more post as I have just read a post on Facebook by a friend who recently lost her great friend (and cat) Lotti.  I write this in honor of my closest friend and confidant, Tuxedo.  Tux … Continue reading

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Living In The Land

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  We all live on the planet Earth but do we all live in the land? I have written many times that as a nature lover and one time nature photographer I am drawn to all of the subjects our … Continue reading

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Simple Days

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Simple days in a complicated life. It is amazing how we all tend to turn the simple into the complex. It can take a lifetime to find our way back to the  beginning. At first glance nature is also quite … Continue reading

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