Leaving Us Behind / In memory of Tuxedo

I return to write one more post as I have just read a post on Facebook by a friend who recently lost her great friend (and cat) Lotti.  I write this in honor of my closest friend and confidant, Tuxedo.  Tux was (is) a Black Lab mix who came into my life many years ago.  I think his express purpose was to make me happy.  Well, me and Tux himself of course.  As I waded through ill-health and the dark days of my recent life Tux was always there to let me know there is no value in self pity.  Right through the moment he closed his eyes for the final time he inspired me to love life and live every moment like it was the most important moment ever.  Since last summer I have only shared Tux’s move to immortality with one person.  The post of the passing of Lotti inspired me to share the joy of Tux with everyone.

If I make anymore posts on this blog I will attempt to find Tux’s pictures and share them with all.

Thanks and may God Bless

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