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Too Close? + Little Critters

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Another shot of the original Foxy.  Foxy was and still is, the smallest adult Red Fox I have ever seen.  Calling her tiny is being generous. If Foxy was my favorite vixen, my favorite male was this guy. Nobody ever … Continue reading

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Feathers and Flakes + Perception is Reality

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First birds, then winter Ahhh those reflections of patterns and colors.  Just add a bird.  This one is a male Greater Scaup.  A picture like this, that has distinctive patterns crossing the image area, but they are not colorful or pretty, is … Continue reading

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Uniqueness by Ron Toel

Ever heard the words, “God made you special.” I first thought that it was a term of endearment, but when I started thinking about it, I realized the statement to be true. We are all special. Every animal and plant … Continue reading

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Arresting Motion…or…Frozen Solid

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Today’s post has nothing to do with the science involved in the act of the freezing of moving water.  It has a little bit to do with the act of photographing that frozen water, and everything to do with celebrating the … Continue reading

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Over the past two years, most of the several hundred pictures of Red Fox that I have shown, have been those with nice backgrounds, or artful poses.  I have included some of a sickly fox and a few that showed … Continue reading

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I managed to slip out for a little waterbird photography on Friday.  I went to Racine’s boat ramp and the conditions were wonderful.  It was chilly but windy.  That wind makes for interesting water patterns and blowing feathers. It was also … Continue reading

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Feathered Friends & Rising Suns

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Feathered friends I think it’s common knowledge even among non-photographers, that a percentage of the wildlife photos you see today are crops.  It’s easy to crop and make our subjects bigger, and we (photographers) sometimes believe that closer makes for … Continue reading

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Common Goldeneye

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Male. Females 1st winter males. Taking a dive.  Male Courtship Have the best of days.  Wayne

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Nothing Much To Say

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Every once in a while I begin to put together a post and I realize that I really don’t have anything to say.  My usual answer to that dilemma is to go ahead and publish a post anyway.  So here … Continue reading

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Post 461

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In a recent post I illustrated that I occasionally will make a close-up action shot of a bird, but accidentally cut its wing off…in the visual sense.  At minimum focusing distance this can happen with a small bird as well.  I … Continue reading

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