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Illustrated Thoughts

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I thought today would be a great time to return to photography, and put the world’s troubles behind is for a while. Finding words to describe, be it emotionally, intellectually or superficially, photographs has always been easy for me. The … Continue reading

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Serenity Now

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My apologies to Jerry Stiller for stealing his phrase for today’s title. It was used in an episode of Seinfeld. Never have so many needed a few serene moments. I often fail at writing from a standpoint of serendipity. I … Continue reading

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The Great Escape

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As most of you know, it is not my nature to not (a double negative) comment on the world around me.  Just the same, we all need a little relief (escape) from time to time, and for today, let’s just … Continue reading

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Here I Go

Recently I have been attempting to write fairly simple posts here at Earth Images. Mostly photography, and uncomplicated even at that. My purpose in doing so, was that the area that occupies the space between my ears, has been crying … Continue reading

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Therapy 101

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First let me say that I have gotten comments on this blog over the past six months that I never recieved my email notice of, and I opologize that they were never approved by me.  I never knew they occurred. … Continue reading

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