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Theodore Roosevelt National Park

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This article on Theodore Rooselvelt N. P. is in keeping with previous posts about White Sands, Big Bend, Crex Meadows, Bong State Rec. Area and a few others. Teddy as I call it, may be the most ignored great destination for … Continue reading

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In many ways I wish I could muster up the will power to not write articles such as the one below.  Some of you may not like me if and when you finish reading it. I apologize in advance.  It is … Continue reading

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Road Trips…From Beginning To End

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When I was young and my mother and father proclaimed that on Sunday afternoon, we would “go for a ride”, I could not rest until Sunday.  My parents also treated my sister and I to many great vacation/road trips.  Roaming … Continue reading

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Big Bend N. P.

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I have shown a lot of images from Big Bend N.P., Texas, including all of those you see below.  From time to time I create a post that contains a subject that I want people to remember.  Examples are my … Continue reading

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Very Short Stories 2

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Adult foxes will rarely stare you in the eye. In fact most adult wild mammals will not look you in the eye. That is considered a threat or a challenge, and they fear for what you might do. Small fox … Continue reading

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Sex & Nature Photography

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Now that I have your attention. I don’t think sex is the preferred term for insects mating, but you get the picture. Today’s photos are all macros but were made with a variety of techniques. The one constant is that … Continue reading

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Exceptionally Ordinary

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The point of today’s pictures is….well….I love to share pictures I think the only subject that can be visually interpreted more ways than a flower, is falling water.   I have included three waterfall pix out of the thousands that I … Continue reading

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Photographically Speaking

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I just spent a few moments glancing through the many dozens of photography books that I bought from the late 1970s though the late 1990s.  I know what you’re saying.  I thought you told us you know everything about photography!  … Continue reading

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Thinking About Spring + Shooting The Valley

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Spring Stuff Spring gives nature photographers a lot to point a camera at.  To me every season has a feeling or a mood, and spring is no different.  Just a few of the less obvious things that spring means to me. All … Continue reading

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Standing Alone

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The American West presents us with a variety of types of landscapes.  Certainly those things we call land forms or rock forms are among the most photographed.  I have made some images of them myself. The most common approach for … Continue reading

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