Big Bend N. P.

I have shown a lot of images from Big Bend N.P., Texas, including all of those you see below.  From time to time I create a post that contains a subject that I want people to remember.  Examples are my posts on White Sands, Great-blue Herons, Bong State Rec. Area and others. I have indeed shown all of the pictures below in different posts, but I wanted those images together in one single location. In other words I want it to live here on this blog, and I can’t do that without publishing a new post.  There will be a couple more of these posts to come so my apologies to those of you who frequent Earth Images, as they will be old hat to you.

I photographed at Big Bend Texas in 2006.  I had been awake for days, between my trip from Wisconsin to Texas, making pictures in southeastern Texas, and traveling through that huge state with a stop at Santa Anna NWR, and a side trip into Mexico.  I made it into the park just before sunrise and left about a half an hour after sunset.

Big Bend is not in the league with places like Monument Valley, White Sands or Arches N.P.  That is of course only my opinion as a photographer.  Just the same every place has an atmosphere and a feeling to it and this remote desert/mountain park has it’s own character and personality.  It also provides a nice cross of landscape and wildlife opportunities.1DSC_00262DSC_0023b3DSC_00424DSC_00925DSC_00896DSC_00877BBend00778DSC_0101


Canyon Lizard10DSC_0114b

Greater Roadrunner.  I have cleaner images of this species from New Mexico but I will never forget this bird which I photographed just outside the entrance to Big Bend.  It was even more curious of me than I was of it. I live to make “connections” with wild animals.  Animals that have come close to me rather than the other way around.11DSC_2203

While I have been both grateful and humbled by the occasional limelight that photography once brought me, my body of work will not live on forever  I am not Ansel Adams or Galen Rowell.  Rowell’s Mountain Light may in fact (hopefully) live forever, but Nelson’s Earth Images will not.  This is just my way to make sure that a little piece of what I did ( places and species), will be viewed by at least some people many, many years from now.

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