Very Short Stories 2

Adult foxes will rarely stare you in the eye. In fact most adult wild mammals will not look you in the eye. That is considered a threat or a challenge, and they fear for what you might do. Small fox kits rarely even know you are there. When they start to recognize other animals such as humans, they will stare until they begin to understand what a direct stare can mean. This kit is about the age when they stop staring. Why is it staring at us?  When you bury your face behind a camera, they see the camera (or lens) first and foremost, not you or at least not your eyes. I have thousands of images of wild mammals staring at us. They are really staring at the camera and lens.Fox2010 196

This is without a question my all time favorite coyote.  He gave Ron and I maybe three minutes of photography as he hunted in the beautiful early morning light.  I was out of the car and he walked past me at about a 2 foot distance.  He did not however, at any time stare me in the eyes, or even look directly at me. Like is often the case, he gave the impression that I did not exist.

I truly love the light that existed on that morning.Copy of DSC_0307

Canines are masters of pretending they don’t see, hear or smell you even though the truth is, that they never fail to do all three.  I have had dogs all of my life and I (and you) have had the experience of trying to get a dog’s attention because they were doing something wrong, only to have them intentionally ignore my voice.  It appears as if they have gone deaf and blind.  They won’t look you in face. When you finally force them to look at you then they suddenly discover your presence and do as you ask.  Spending time with wild mammals, especially canines, is a lot like being with your dog when it has decided you do not exist.

Boy you guys are big!!  Cormorant and pelicansaPelHoriconBlog

I’ve shown a lot of Grebe pictures in my life, but I have mostly let my images of Eared Grebes lead a lonely life in my files.  I made all of my pictures of this species on my final trip to Colorado, but I just never liked all that growth in the water.  The few pix I have shared of these guys have been the few clean images I was able to make.  They were also crisp and from up close. I have begun to show  images on this blog that I would have never showed previously.  None of these shots are worthy of publication. What the heck it’s just between us…right?   If you look closely you might see a chick hitchhiking on the back of dad and/or mom.ANWRUtah 080ANWRUtah 081ArNatWR 050ArNatWR 090

White-crowned SparrowbpFBDSC_6860

Red-tailed HawkDSC_7037

I thank you for this opportunity to visit with you,                                                                     Wayne

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