Serenity Now

My apologies to Jerry Stiller for stealing his phrase for today’s title. It was used in an episode of Seinfeld. Never have so many needed a few serene moments. I often fail at writing from a standpoint of serendipity. I carry a lot of passion, and oft times that comes out like a storm.

One of the many reasons for the epic stress levels we are all experiencing, is that so many negatives are piled upon us, one after another. Every few hours of the day it seems. When something positive does happen, and it does not fit the narrative of the story tellers and the “truth twisters“, it is either ignored, or flipped into yet another negative.

I use to count on photography and nature as an escape from stress.  I finr now, that sharing and commenting on the imagery that I and others have created, provides for me, one escape.

God’s handiwork is always a great source for both serenity and amazement.


3HH Sept 093

4Slides2012b 050 - Copy

I write a lot here about my Christian experience. One might ask me, doesn’t the Bible and my journey into Christianity in and of itself, provide an escape?

Well, not exactly.

Understanding the world and where we stand in time, does not change the fact that I am a mere mortal, subject to fears and stress. It does however give me the answers to many questions, and that provides comfort. It also lets me know where I personally stand in all of this, and where my journey will eventually take me, and that is reassuring and joyful. I also know, that while I am not in charge, neither are the liars and haters.

The proof will be shown, God is still in charge. There are unfathomable amounts of comfort in that fact.

Satan, provides no such comfort, only arrogance, hate, fear, and ultimately failure.

(Whenever I share a Bible verse such as below, where the language has been altered in the effort to make it easier to understand, I will tell you. That is the case below but I believe it will mean to all, exactly what it is supposed to.)

Revelation 3:10  Since you have kept my command to endure patiently, I will also keep you from the hour of trial that is going to come on the whole world to test the inhabitants of the earth.

The above verse calls attention to what most Christians have aptly named, the rapture. Much suffering will be avoided by seeking true Christian Salvation prior to what is known as the tribulation. The tribulation will be the longest seven years in history. Good to avoid.  We are not there yet, but it draws nearer with every year that passes.

As mere (and flawed) mortals, we often do not want what is best for us.

“So often when we get what we want, we lose what we had“   Wayne Nelson

May God Bless, and “serenity now”

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