Here I Go

Recently I have been attempting to write fairly simple posts here at Earth Images. Mostly photography, and uncomplicated even at that. My purpose in doing so, was that the area that occupies the space between my ears, has been crying out to me for simplicity. I suppose that’s just the years adding up. What’s been happening in America recently, would need an incredibly long (maybe five parts) article examining my opinions about what got us here, who is responsible (I mean literally who is agitating it along), and what can be done about it.

I have not the energy left in my soul, and maybe not the years left in my life to tackle all of that.

With all that said, here I go.

I will begin by saying what has been said ten million times already, mostly by political conservatives.  What happened on the pavement with that police officer and George Floyd was shocking and wrong. Police departments are like every single part of society, there are many good people and a few bad, and the residual affects to the bad, can be devastating.

I will go on to repeat what you are hearing from may others, that there are many protestors obeying our laws and remaining peaceful under duress. I have recently seen peaceful protestors chiding and taking to task the worthless gangsters who are stealing away the limelight and changing what has been happening from justice to anarchy.  They are pissing (sorry) on the memory of George Floyd, and they are making people who are practicing their constructional right to assemble and protest, look bad.

What we are seeing (the burners, stealers, and sometime murderers), are indeed organized, intentional anarchists, mixed with some slimy little wieners who just want to make noise and steal cool things. They rob the legitimate protesters of their message.

They are the George Soros types. They hate democracy and freedom as does Soros and his ilk, but above all they love themselves and they love feeling “big”, and hurting others, and of course, getting a lot of free stuff.

We are finding, that many are rich, spoiled little worms.  Usually white in their race.

Most have been passed along via a school system that doesn’t teach the Xs and Os, only teaches one side of history, and above all, chaffs at the thought of having a God.

America, is fighting for her life. Citizens, honest good people, are now taking up arms and forming patrols around their business‘. I live close to a city that has had some rioting, and burned out a police administration building.  I myself keep armaments near me.

My state’s capital city called Madison, has a mayor who shortly after threatening arrest for some who were attending a church service, announced to looters and gangsters, that she was telling her police force to “stand down” and allow the rioters to “have their way with the city”.

Our society is so ingrained with totalitarian fascist/socialist (really one and the same) so-called leaders, that the nation’s aggregate is more evil than good.

What can the rest of us do?  Keep on supporting good when we see it, and jeep on fighting evil no matter the consequences.


“For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.” (Hebrews 4:12)

Above all, keep praying to God,

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