Just Birds

It is a rare day when I display several images and they are all of one basic subject. Today’s lone subject is my most prolific, birds. There was no pattern or purpose to the specific images I chose. I pretty much opened a folder and pointed my finger. Then I repeated.
We begin with two of North America’s most common hawks. I observed the Northern Harrier (top) hunting for about 30 minutes. She is headed for a vole or mouse in this photo. From action and behavior we have close-up behavior with the preening Red-tailed Hawk. It is nice to have a wild animal that is so unconcerned with my presence.
The next three pictures include two owls who often share the exact same habitat during the winter months. The Short-eared Owl in the top photo appears just as intense as the Snowy Owl seems complacent in the final two.

I have only one encounter with Crested Caracaras and this was it. I was on the Texas Gulf and I was delighted to find three of these birds scavenging a dead animal with several Turkey Vultures. The TVs are of course a common sight and I have made many pictures of that species.
Much like the Caracaras above I have had exactly one shot at Black Vultures. I made this photo about half a mile from the Caracara picture.
The stock photographer in me is always aroused when I find behavior and maybe a bigger story. This Bald Eagle is wearing a band on it’s right foot and of course the fish to it’s left is breakfast. I would have preferred to have been able to read the band.
A common Ring-billed Gull.
One of our most difficult birds to photograph is the Common Crow. Getting the sun and exposure just right is essential or the subject will be void of detail.
One of my first bird images ever published was that of a male Northern Cardinal. I have shown dozens of Cardinal images since with most showing a lot more bird detail than this one. Still it is a unique shot as our friend “hunts” for seeds while it roams a field of Dandelions. 
The always interesting male Yellow-headed Blackbird.
The adult (summer) male Green-winged Teal is another bird that has provided me with just one opportunity. The results were a bit disappointing but none of us are perfect. Still it is an interesting looking bird.
A Killdeer performing it’s “broken wing” trick.I caught this happy couple of Purple Martins enjoying the sun one summer morning. The females (left) are much easier to photograph than the shiny males.

East meets west. When I am in the field I occasionally get the Eastern Kingbird (top) and the Eastern Phoebe confused with one another. These birds are sort of nondescript but always make nice photos. Last we see the more colorful Western Kingbird photographed in New Mexico. The third image is sub-standard in comparison to the others.

 An immature female Gadwall Duck at sunrise.

It is easy to forget just how pretty the common wild Pigeon can be. They are a nice study on a winter’s day.

We continue to travel down life’s twisted and often rocky road.  Every journey brings enlightenment and every day brings special moments.

Thank you

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