70…..at last!

Some birds are a better fit with close up, crisp, detail rich and colorful shots than others.  The Redhead duck is one such critter.  Rather standard poses but they work because of the duck.  The Male Common Goldeneye (bottom) also works pretty well under those circumstances.

For a change this is a sunset instead of sunrise.  Taken on the Pacific Ocean on the wilderness beach portion of Olympic N.P., Washington State.  Odd framing but I tired of doing the normal comps of sea stacks.

I mentioned in my recent Swan Song post how much I love photographing white birds.  They lend themselves very well to the dramatic world of light & shadow as they retain some detail in the darker areas.  This Snowy Egret image was created at sunrise in Horicon Marsh NWR in Wisconsin. 

Something I learned back when I first started nature photography was that no matter what I was doing, always look down.  In both cases below I was making grand landscapes when I noticed the color, texture and detail at my feet.  The top photo of a sun-baked mud flat is a strong image because of the extreme side lighting that produced the shadows which led to texture.  That and a careful composition.  The color of both the adobe mud and the light made the second image worth the effort.  In both cases I returned to my landscape photography shortly after making the detail pictures.

I enjoy photographing small mammals immensely.  The 13-lined Ground squirrel is certainly one of the most common.  I spotted this one eating plants in a grassy field.  I used a tripod ball head mounted on a piece of plywood, in order to get my equipment down to the level of the squirrel.

All wildlife images do not need to be up close.  I found this nice group of Wood Ducks enjoying this Duckweed covered pond.

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Lake Superior & Michigan state.

The Valley of light and shadow.  White Sands New Mexico.

Sometimes the most common birds are the prettiest and the most interesting. Blue Jay

Hey kids I’m home!  Great-blue Heron.

Whoops!!  I almost forgot to write about today’s title. This is the 70th photo/text blog on Earthimages.

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