Today’s title is not a commentary on the fine imagery you see below, but a description of the “quick look” we will take at the five pictures in this post.   It also is not to be confused with the 2011 posts, Snapshots, and Snapshots ll.

I’ve illustrated many times the color changes that occur on the sand at Whites Sands New Mexico at different times of day, and under different cloud conditions etc. I think sometimes that people may doubt the differences they see, because White Sands is after all…….supposed to be white. Death Valley is in some ways an even better example. I have seen photos with sand that appeared from white to gold, and even pink at Death Valley. This Susan Mathia poster shows three distinct colors. The variances were produced by changing light, not the use of filters, etc. In addition to showing us the color of light on sand, they are also artistic, beautiful images.1Susan Mathia Death Valley

I don’t where this Meryem Azeri landscape image was created, but I love the layered feeling. This is an old trustworthy technique in photography. You need the land to cooperate, and the knowledge to put it together with a telephoto, sometimes short, and sometimes long. Once we get past that first little hill and travel into the valley, we take a layer by layer journey up the hills, through the clouds and up the mountain. Very nice.2Meryem Azeri

Normally you would never find a bird as large as a gull, perched on another bird. Yes Cattle Egrets perch on large mammals but, a bird on a bird? This gull decided that a Brown Pelican was more than enough to support him. The pelican doesn’t seem to mind. Hakoar made the picture.3Hakoar

There are no mammal pictures more beautiful, than those of Cheetahs in warm light. I remember seeing my first shot like this from wildlife photography legend Iwago many years ago.  Jaco Marx made this one, and for that I say thank you.4Jaco Marx Cheetah

I try to include at least one picture that shows the hand of man with each guest photographer post. This one comes from The Twisted Sifter Site and the subject is actually a very beautiful book store in Bucharest, Romainia. The photography seems very straight forward which is of course one way to photograph man’s handiwork. The only things that seem to be missing here are people and books. I assume (always dangerous), that once the books are there, the people will follow.5Twisted Sifter, Bookstore, Bucharest, Romania

Brain Calluses

Everything in (this) life has a beginning and an end. First you’re an infant, and then a child. That continues until you’re an adult. And finally you become a senior…or more honestly phrased, an old adult.

Jobs have a start, and they have a finish. Even if you can’t complete a certain job, somebody else will come along and complete it for you.

Your clothing, your cameras, your automobile, even your house all have a shelf life. The day will come, when they expire.

Journeys have beginnings and ends. Sooner or later, you will arrive at your destination. Even if something prevents you from winding up where you anticipated, wherever you do wind up, will be the end.

There is one exception (well, almost) to all of this. Education. It is true that our formal schooling has a beginning and an end, just like everything else, but unofficially we spend our lives in school. Cradle to grave. Even when we aren’t trying to learn, new information continues to creep into our brain. What to let in, and what to let out, is the question. It is in fact the number one question of the 21st Century.

We are under an assault of information, 24×7. It comes at us in words, sounds and images. We receive most of those words, sounds and images, in what has become known as “bites”. Can anybody be right, if everybody’s wrong. Saints and sinners have the same platform, and they sound alarmingly alike. Most of the world has chosen sides, and both sides want you. What are you going to do? I know you say, I’ll look and listen and decide who’s honest and who is not. Nobody’s right, if everybody’s wrong. There are however, a few who haven’t made up their minds yet. They are the ones who after two years of campaigns, with 2 minutes left in the third presidential debate, are still trying to understand what each candidate “stands for”. Maybe that’s what too much information can do to the human brain.

There is nothing more important (my opinion) than education, especially self-education. For the first time in history, it is not only who you learn from, and where you learn it that matters, but how much do you want to know. In other words, when is it time to shut off the flow of information, and let the cells in your brain heal. I have come to believe, if you don’t do that from time to time, you develop brain calluses, and eventually nothing will penetrate them. Keep your mind supple and functioning. Observe the world around you including the barrage of never-ending information (really opinions), but control the flow. The door needs to both open and close. Never lock that door, but it’s your door, and it’s up to you how you use it.

This is the first time in my life that I ever suggested that there can be too much information, but I “now” think that in today’s world, our minds need an occasional shelter from the storm, so we can see more cleanly when the weather finally clears.

Try to avoid those brain calluses.

God Bless,                                                                                                                                          Wayne


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