When I think spring, I think green.

I wandered around with my camera on a quiet spring morning, not really thinking about spring or the color green. I had been making some close-ups and as I hiked the wooded trail towards the river, suddenly my subject did in fact turn to the color green. I photographed everything I could find that was green. Green, is not hard to find in a Midwestern woodland along the Root River at that time of year. This was my first “green” picture of the day.1dsc_2194

The pictures below are not necessarily entirely green, but that color is what dominates. The color green is the most dominant color in the natural world, and much of it is mid-toned.

Camera meters are all calibrated with the idea that mid-toned green will dominate your subject matter, as most image making is performed out-of-doors.

Let’s celebrate the color green.2HawthornFlBugs 12021


4Slides10 026

5Grasses 012



8Blog SwTail 039


10Copy of RMNPMarmMtEvans 188And2more

11NC 1bCopies 011

12Slides4 111



15fbloggMingo 015

I  was always a photographer who looked at the world differently on one day than the next. Some days were about the subject. Some were about shapes, some were entirely about lines. Other days were about light. The color, direction and intensity. Every once in a while, it was all about color. As I stated in the first full paragraph above, the image that I showed first today, was all about green. The second image was mainly about the wet, hot foliage and how that heat was rising when I came on the scene. The three images that contain animals, were about those animals although the beetle picture was also about color. The final picture that you see above, much like the first, was about the color green.

How many of the images that you make are green?

God Bless,                                                                                                                                             Wayne


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