Fur, Feathers, & Water


I’m not sure whether Dennis Lamb photographed this beautiful old Mountain Gorilla, Silverback Male, in captivity or the wild, but the eyes alone are worth the journey.Dennis Lamb The Old Gray-back

Landscape artist Ian Plant is delving more and more into wildlife photography. We are all the better for it. Below are two young Polar Bears reveling in life itself. Sometimes I think we could all learn a little more about how to live in “the moment” from our wild friends.Ian Plant


This is one of the coolest Great-horned Owl images I have ever seen. I am guessing that our little friend first fledged during the night, and then as is often the case, was too frightened to continue practicing flight patterns. One parent is probable out of our picture frame to the left, encouraging him/her. I have witnessed this activity but unfortunately I did so in the dark. Ace photographer Marina Scarr made the shot.j Marina Scarr GHO


Most of this planet is water. As would surely follow, water is also the number one subject of the nature photographer. Oceans, lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, puddles, waterfalls, snow, fog, rain, dew. Today we have two oceans, and one waterfall to share.

Landscape artist Kerry Drager made this wonderful seashore image. Kerry went the opposite direction of the masses and captured a tack sharp wave as it crashed into a rock. This sort of image has become more possible even in low light conditions with current camera bodies which allow for high ISO settings with no discernible noise. Kerry Drager Moonstone Beach California

Mark Hilliard captured this superb surf and pier image right at dusk. Great composition and I love the partial reflection of the pier in the water. Those rocks add much to this composition. Just think what it was like on the scene when Mark made the picture. How many different angles and compositions do you think were possible?Mark Hilliard

Tara Ann Marshall created this beautiful shot of a waterfall called Fossalar. I know not where this waterfall lives, but Tara has me wishing it had been on my list for photographic destinations. A flawless job.Tara Ann Marshall Fossalar Waterfall

I hope you enjoyed the beautiful work of these fine artists. I definitely enjoy both searching for images, and sharing them with you.

“Each morning I gaze at the eastern horizon, and if the sun keeps its promise, I keep mine.” ~Robert Brault

Have a great day,                                                                                                                          Wayne


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