All Over The Map

Today’s post really has only a few cohesive threads running through the pictures and captions.  It is truly “all over the map”.  My thoughts at the bottom of the page hopefully carry a slightly more consistent theme.

Yesterday I was rummaging around near my light (for slides) table and found an exposed toll of 35mm Velvia 100.  I have not the slightest clue as to what is on that film, except that the last film I used was in 2006. I shot both film and digital for 4 years.  I admit that there is a part of me that wants to see the pix.

I usually prefer my sunrises/sunsets and colorful clouds to be made before or right at the first or last moments that the sun appears.  Sometimes the effect of a sun that is high enough to create true backlighting or even rim lighting is very powerful.  The higher the sun gets the less warm color it will provide, but even then, the shot can be very good.

I have written a lot recently about  photographing common subjects.  House Sparrows on a suet feeder certainly fits in that category.

One of my favorite and less appreciated flowers, another (Bull I think) thistle.  A very common subject.

Who’s back there?  Did you steal my tail feathers?  Male Canvasback duck.

There can be no more fun than exploring insects up close.  This dragonfly image must be a crop because my EXIF data shows a 300mm lens. That means that even with my macro zoom at that focal length, I could not shoot this much of a close-up. I am assuming (always dangerous) that my 105 micro was in my car, because I was following active insects and wanted the distance that my 300mm provides.

Of all the Grebes that I have photographed, the Eared Grebe is the one that I have never gotten in nice light and with a clean background.  I still show my images of them because some of you in the Upper Midwest of the U.S. rarely get to see these guys.

Locally, our Lake Michigan bays are filling up with Common Goldeneye like the (male) that you see below.

If the home page of any Facebook member with over 30 friends, is truly a micro view of the world as some people suggest, then it always amazes me how it is the “enlightened ones” who continue to foster the narrow-minded and bigoted opinions that infer that anyone who disagrees, must be silenced.  Note that I support their right to their opinions, I only take note of the arrogance of the platform they have chosen to share them.  And yes sharing “hate links” is no different than writing it yourself.

I do wonder sometimes if people (on all sides) really ever stop and think about who are those people that we spew so much hatred towards.  I am not speaking of elected officials, but all of those people who support the various liberal and conservative officials and causes. There is an answer. They are the people across the street who helped you build your garage. They are the co-worker that didn’t tell the boss when you screwed up. They are your childhood friend who now lives on the other side of the country. They are your cousins, siblings and just maybe they are your Mom or Dad.  It is not complex to know just who are those people that we hate so much.

For those of you who like a daily dose of inspiration, you might enjoy the blog, Aspire. Motivate. Succeed.  They used to subscribe to the Earth Images blog, but I suspect that some of my more pointed opinions caused them to depart.  I have no problem with that as it in no way diminishes the value of their fine daily posts of inspiration.

I do think it is normal for us to remember the negative things that people say or write.  If I write 10 posts and 5 are about photographs, four are about positive or inspirational thoughts and then in the last one I am critical of something or someone, it is that critical report that I will be remembered for.  That is the risk that those who share their opinions will always take, but I do ask that you please read everything written in the post.

There are many more difficult times ahead here in the U.S. and around the world.  Every day each of us swim through the process of what is the truth and what do we believe.  Every single one of us has an obligation to “actually” look at what the side we identify with is really doing, and what that other side is “actually” doing as well.  When someone in state or federal government offers up a new solution to a problem, be it terrorism, the budget, Social Security or otherwise, we have a duty to read it and think it through with an open mind, rather than believe what the opposition tells us. There is virtually nobody in this nation doing that right now. We want the other side to do the wrong thing so that our hatred is proven to be correct.  I am a firm believer that we get the government that we deserve

I wish a happy and productive day to each of you, and I hope that you visit us again.

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