Even More Thoughts About Pictures

After all of these years the subjects of nature and photography still dominate my thoughts.  Maybe I ought to be a nature photographer.

I’ve mentioned before that one of the few nature photography things that I remain involved with is Flickr Photos.  I am there mainly because I have an Earth Images group, and also because it allows me to cruise photos and look at those posted by my contacts.  Yesterday I was enjoying a wonderful sunset picture by a contact, and got caught up in his description of how he ran into to a couple of photography buddies at the location of his sunset, and how he so enjoyed spending that time with friends.  There are times when my memories of spending time in the field with the many great friends I have made in nature photography, simply overwhelms me.  There is much to be missed.

There is nothing like having special places that the photographer inside of you can get to know personally.  Somewhere that you can get away to when you don’t have a lot of time.  Such is the case with the spot where the Pike River empties into Lake Michigan here in southeastern Wisconsin.  Your view here is towards the east and sunrises are what this location means to me.  Absolutely every sunrise is different, and that has always been the case at the intersection of the Pike and Lake Michigan.   Also, the path that the river takes to that “great lake” (sorry bout that) called Michigan, changes every few months, giving the photographer opportunities for many different compositions.   From the straight forward to the abstract, over twenty years of making pictures here means that this spot ranks up there with places like White Sands New Mexico or The Badlands as being special to me.  The first image below was created in the early 1990s, and began as a medium format film picture.  The second was made a years or so ago.

Composition is important in wildlife pictures too, and it seems like I am forever making panoramic crops to the shots I make of American White Pelicans. The way they “line up” in rafts and the pano format just seems to belong together.  Of course I love Pelicans no matter what the comp.  As an aside, when I made pictures I was always looking for the chance to get multiple species in a single wildlife image.  I want to thank the Cormorant in the top picture.  The first two pictures were made at Horicon Marsh NWR in Wisconsin and the third was made at Squaw Creek NWR in Missouri.

When you get past the most popular of the little critters like butterflies and dragonflies, for some reason most of the other small stuff tends to get a very straight forward and tradition composition from many macro shooters.  Now I like the very straight up comp that I made with the first spider picture, but I switched things up with the second and am happy I did. Shallow (for this close up) depth of field  and selective focus in that shot made for a more powerful image.  At least that is my opinion.

There is no question that clean and simple wildlife images make for powerful shots. Still I have always tried to make sure I made some pictures that included enough habitat, as to help tell the story of my subject.  The Leopard Frog below rests in a sea of Water Lily pads, Duckweed and other aquatic plants.   I have seen many LFs in that environment but this is one of the few photos that I was able to make.  The Rock River, Horicon Marsh NWR, WI.

Red-winged Blackbirds are programmed to nest at the edge of marshes.  This bird species is so successful that it has had to accept nesting in prairies, roadside ditches and many other spots.  When I get the opportunity to show its true preferred habitat, I do.  This image of a female RWBB is a busy picture but I actually liked the way those marsh cattails softly faded into the distance. The visual compression of my telephoto lens makes those stems seem almost like giants. Horicon Marsh NWR, WI.

I have a friend who had an email subscription to Earth Images and he unsubscribed from the blog .  I accepted that and remained silent, but eventually he emailed me and as I suspected, he quit the blog because of some of my opinions in earlier posts.  I felt bad and told him so, but I left things as they were.  I never, ever want to lose friends but I can live with it happening as long as my infraction  is that I  “believe in things”  and admit it.  The potential for bad feelings is exactly why I do not offer controversial opinions on social media like Facebook.  I feel that you should be able browse your own homepage free of politics and social commentary.

As a wonderful friend once taught me, “Art is Life and Life is Art”  Wayne Nelson

I appreciate your company and have a great day.

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2 Responses to Even More Thoughts About Pictures

  1. I definitely like your choice of selective focus on the second spider shot. Spider and dew dropped webbing pops, and the background greens and soft webs almost remind of a banded agate. Beautiful work as always.

  2. Thank you Cindy! As you know it is hard to work “angles” around a web without touching something that touches something else, and so on. Have a great day!

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