Small Talk

Spiders are an amazing and beautiful group of subjects that I think too many photographers ignore.  In these parts, Crab Spiders are certainly one of the prettiest.11DSC_5941

Lilies are great subjects for tight compositions.  A windless day gave me the opportunity to work slowly and create a thoughtful composition of the Lily you see below.Copy of Lily 035

Cool Blue!  Even in the warm light of the early morning or late afternoon, photographing in shade can produce a blue cast reflected from those areas of sky not being color cast from the rising sun.  At one time I would “correct’ this light with a warming filter. I think my images began to reflect more of myself when I accepted the light that nature provided me, and shared that light with others.8SlidesWaterWinterFall 010

While I certainly enjoy colorful birds, often times my favorites are chosen by personality. The Dark-eyed Junco is one such bird. Sometimes comical and other times regal, this little sparrow is always a welcome sight.

Because of its narrow point of view, the slightest movement of a 500mm lens can alter the background.  I made five images of this Junco, four with a distracting background and one with shade as my background.  Thanks to the narrow angle of that 5oomm lens.

These birds can appear black, light to dark gray and even shades of brown depending on the light. HawthBYBs 045

Some of the best times of my photographic life have been shared with Red Foxes.  Below we see different foxes at different locations and of varied ages. They include an adult female, a six month old, and a young kit with its parent.DSC_0197FoxSep 023Fox6 060

As photographers, when we look at the last images we have made, I think we would all prefer the subject to be a rare or endangered species, or an exotic landscape in a remote wilderness.  Below are the last two images that I’ve made.  They are two very simple pictures of two of our most common birds.  I guess you might say that a lifetime of photography hasn’t taken me very far, or maybe it has finally brought me full circle. I am once again back where I started.  I suppose the true photographer is in love with the process and the subjects, no matter what they may be. It has been a wonderful and satisfying circle, to say the least.RHarbor2013 012RHarbor2013 153

For those of you here in the states, tomorrow brings the holiday we call Memorial Day.  It is a day of backyard barbeques and picnics in the park….weather permitting.  Let us not forget the true meaning of this day.  We have been involved in many wars, and many Americans have given their lives in the process.  Hundreds of thousands of service men and women gave the most that anyone can give.  Lest we forget, our first war, and several others to follow were fought here on American soil.  Yes civilians including children have also paid the highest price.  Let each of us in our own way, give the gift of gratitude to those who gave until there was nothing left to give.  Freedom has always had a price.

I wish all of you a safe and free Memorial Day.                                                                     Wayne

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