Rhythm & Rhyme & Harmony

With all that’s going on in the world, it’s important to every once in a while, just sit back and appreciate the earth itself and it’s beauty, as it is shared through photographic art. Tony Sweet, and Guy Tal are two of my favorites when it comes to landscape art. They each have definitive styles and both are consummate in their art.

I have been to all of these  locations in the Smoky Mts. of Tennessee. Nothing I did photographically compared to these sensitive and beautiful black & white translations from Tony. Long live art.




I sometimes wonder whether Guy Tal is a more artistic photographer, or writer. Anyone who is a consumer of his photographic art should also try his writing on for size. You cannot lose either way.

I would imagine that the three images below were all made in his home state of Utah.




True art, has a point of view, but it is generally absent of both politics and self. While we put our personal stamp on each image, the results should not be about us. Such is the case with today‘s images. Thank God!



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