Crime & Punishment……and more

Since I began sharing political links (only two) from this blog, and commenting on some political posts and clicking likes to other conservative posts on social media, I have lost some friends (regained others) and found the number of friends who will comment or click like on my images, has dropped dramatically. That is in no way a complaint, only an observation. Me thinks I may have social leprosy.

I enjoy observing the human animal, and I admit that sometimes, I will do things just to see what kind of reaction occurs. I love studying behavior and getting inside the psyche of others, and while some people are incredibly predictable, the only thing predictable about others is their unpredictability. For those who say that I am anti-science (I am not), these are in fact crude experiments of science. If I ever get the human genome in order, I will report back on these pages.

I’ve seen the question asked, why did the Trump Administration choose the seven countries they did, to temporarily ban their citizens from immigrating or traveling to the U.S.? They were each already singled out by the Obama Administration as dangerous. The only difference is, Trump decided to actually do something about it. Of course the Obama Administration gave one of those countries (Iran) over 400 million U.S. dollars a little over a year before he left office. Iran was also a contributor to the Clinton Foundation.

The order from the administration, has been (of course) “laid aside” by this nation’s most left-wing, Federal Court of Appeals. Look for this order or one similar, to be written again, after the Supreme Court returns to 9 members. Since the surprising and untimely death of Judge Anton Scalia, we have been burdened with an even numbered court, which makes it difficult to decide highly charged issues where politics play a major role.

I know I seem angry, and sometimes I am, at the childishness and the anti-democratic behavior of the political left, but I should also let you know that there are many times when I am so entertained, by the sheer idiocy of so much of it, that I should thank them for giving me things (and people) to laugh at. Their actions and statements “sometimes” bring laughter to me during an otherwise dull day.

At the link below, you will find some words worth reading for Democrats (and everybody) from Chicago Mayor and former Obama Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, as told to the Chicago Tribune. Remember, Emanuel hates Republicans. His points are about what Democrats are doing to themselves, and how long in might take to reverse the damage.

As the Trump Administration slowly begins to fight through the stalling to get more cabinet members into their jobs, I believe the most important position was recently filled. No, not the Attorney General, or the Secretary of Defense, or even the Secretary of State. Betsy Devos has been confirmed as the Secretary of Education. Yes I know, she’s wealthy and a lot of people find her standoffish. BooHoo. She has been turning the state of Michigan around at a level not seen in my lifetime.

When I have complained about crime, violence and urban blight on these pages, my target cities have been Chicago, Milwaukee, Baltimore, occasionally St. Louis or Washington D.C., and maybe on one occasion, Detroit, Michigan. Ten years ago, Detroit would have been on the top of any such list I would have produced. Horrifying violence, city wide decay, and mostly empty buildings where businesses once thrived. Bit by bit, piece by piece, Detroit has been healing and “getting busy” in the best sense of the word. One of the major reasons for that, was a complete overhaul of the education system in the city, and in much of Michigan. Betsy Devos is one of the main reasons for that.

Almost 1 in every 2 inner city kids in Detroit, goes to a charter school. Some are special public schools, some are private schools, some are parochial. That’s right, Catholic and other schools of that nature. Schools that do not shy away from morality, or punishment when needed. Schools that aren’t run by politically correct left-wingers who only care about their union and keeping things the way they are. How amazing it is, when you take political indoctrination out of school, and instead roll up your sleeves and educate, how quickly things can turn around.

Devos is also against the communistic, cradle to grave, big brother society that is Common Core. In Common Core, it seems as though eventually parents will simply give their children to the government, and relinquish most of their parental rights. In many ways, we are already there in a lot of public schools.

Barrack Obama’s pardon list.

Two things about former president Obama, while he hates cops, he sure does love criminals.

He granted 148 full pardons. Possibly more important, he commuted 1,177 sentences to drug dealers, terrorists, and treasonist computer hackers. 395 of them were serving life terms. George W. Bush commuted 11. The past 5 presidents combined, commuted 117.

For the most part, these were not people with a bag of weed in their pocket. Full time, gangbanging, large scale heroin, crack, and prescription drug dealers. How many people were murdered for and maybe by these criminals. How many of their customers overdosed? 395 life terms. Why do you think federal judges and juries sentenced these people to prison for the rest of their lives? So nobody else will die from their greed. One recently pardoned (life sentence) inmate, Texan Robert Gill, is already back in prison. He had over 500 grams of cocaine, with intent to distribute. He was ordered by a judge, held without bail. Smart judge, dumb ex-president.  Nice legacy Barrack!

At some point, one would like to think that the hatred will disappear from all of us. In America and in the world. We may just be beyond the point where that is possible. As a Christian, I can take solace in what is (maybe soon) coming. I would suggest, if only from an educational standpoint, that everybody read and seek interpretation from true believers, for at least the Biblical book of Revelation. Make sure those who aid you, are the real thing. You can watch the progression from 1948 when the Jews were returned to their homeland, to today, and on into the future. Amazing to say the least.

Have a great day and may God Bless,



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