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Sunday, February 05, 2017
by Patrick Dorinson

During his first run for the White House in 2008, Barack Obama continually would urge on his disciples and acolytes with the phrase “Yes we can!”

And whether you supported him or were against him back then, you have to admit it worked.

Aided by a media that had abandoned any sense of balance or fairness in favor of cheerleading and fawning over his every move, Obama used his pen and phone in an attempt to remake America into the European Union. In many ways he was successful.

For eight years his supporters laughed at those in flyover country, ridiculed the Tea Party, and generally labeled anyone who didn’t agree with them as unenlightened bigots and bumpkins who would easily be vanquished in 2016.

On election night these same liberals had their champagne on ice and were settling in on their couches to hear the words they had been longing to hear. Hillary Clinton would be the first female president.

Then within the space of a few hours the unthinkable happened.

On the way to the Clinton coronation, her regal carriage weighed down by the fat cats of the bipartisan establishment ran into a ditch and an old farm wagon full of the forgotten deplorable Americans driven by Donald Trump went right past her and on to the White House.

After the initial shock, President Trump’s opponents quickly regrouped and now they oppose anything he does. The shrillness of their rhetoric is so outrageous that if a conservative said it they would be visited by the Secret Service, arrested and hauled before a judge.

Hollywood stars who probably figured that under the Clinton Restoration they would once again be able to frolic in the Lincoln Bedroom at a Bill and Hillary Donor’s Sleepover have been especially nasty and unhinged.

D-Level celebrity Sarah Silverman has called for a coup by the military.

I guess she wants the military to dishonor their oath to the Constitution and get rid of Trump so she doesn’t have to soil her hands to do so. Revolution might require handling a firearm and she is against guns.

In 2008 Silverman and others in Hollywood were shouting “Yes we can!” for Obama. Now they are shouting “No you can’t!” at President Trump

Mr. Trump must not have received their memo about needing to get their permission to do what he is doing because he is doing exactly what he promised his supporters he would do!

And unlike other Republicans who cower every time they get pushback from Democrats and the media, President Trump is standing up to the liberal bullies like no Republican ever has and that includes Ronald Reagan.

So here is your Cowboy Wisdom for the Week.

“Watch it when sayin it can’t be done. Someone is liable to interrupt you by doin’ it.

President Trump’s establishment opponents keep sayin’ it can’t be done.

That a president is being denounced by the elitists and their stenographers in the press because he is actually doing what he said he would on the campaign trail tells you all you need to know about the folks Trump defeated from both parties.

Those that voted for him regardless of their reason are being heard for the first time in years.

If I could speak to him for a brief moment I would tell him ‘Keep paying attention to those folks and their needs’ and dance with those that brung you to the White House.

And one more thing.

Keep interruptin’ Mr. President.


Fake News





Are the polls once again failing to divulge the truth?


I thought I might go over the executive order that was issued by President Trump. The order that seems to have necessitated rioting and trashing of colleges and other locations, by the American Left. I know that it is something that all Democrats approve of, because they are absent of any criticism.

The plan is for 90 days. It is not permanent. For those 90 days, it bans from visiting the U.S., all visitors, regardless of their religion, from seven countries that either/or promote terrorism, fund terrorism, help plan terrorist acts, or have migrating refuges that have actively contained terrorists. During those three months, anybody wanting to leave any of those countries for the U.S., will be thoroughly vetted, unlike what has been happening up until now. If there is no problem, they can resume the pursuit of visiting the United States after the 90 days. If someone has dual citizenship from one of those countries and an ally such as England, they may be allowed in, but will still need to follow a vetting process.









There are 197 (with Taiwan) countries in the world. The ban is 7. That’s right, the temporary ban does not include 190 countries. There is approximately 89 countries in the world with “huge” Muslim populations. There are 50 countries where the majority of the population is Muslim. The temporary ban is for 7 countries that are known to have specific issues with Islamic terrorism.

The program will be evaluated after those 90 days and future policy will be written on that evaluation. The program is less strict than the Jimmy Carter ban towards Iran in the 1970s. This is indeed a stricter version of some current policy. The point is to find out who is who as much as possible, and create a program for truly discovering terrorists. Whether it will be successful or not remains to be seen, just like any policy.

Let us explore some of the complaints about this policy.

It’s racist. Ah yes, the only word that the political left actually knows. If this program was about garbage pickup on federal properties, Democrats would be calling it racist. I will attempt to educate a little bit. Every race and sub-race on this planet Earth contains Moslems. It is a religion and has nothing to do with race. I do realize that will not sink through to those liberals who have a one word vocabulary, but I said it anyway.

It’s about hating Muslims, right ? Why then, is there no attempt to prohibit Muslims from entering from other countries. All of these nations combined do not have the numbers of Muslims that Indonesia, Pakistan or even India does. Yes our great ally India is considered a Hindu country but there is an enormous population of Moslems there. I would say to the liberals, that their screams of anti-Islam make no sense, but sense in terms of common sense, is not a part of their thinking pattern. Most seem to have been raised without it.

You can hate what the administration is doing about fighting terrorism if you want, but you are not getting away unchecked with your name calling .

If you want the truth about anything, and I cannot stress this any more vehemently, you need to get away from the so-called mainstream media. They are the fake news media. In most cases, this includes those local affiliates that carry the “news” near your home as well. CNN has even been caught making up sources for their fake news stories.


To all of those young leftests, who think they have a right to riot. A right to block traffic (and emergency vehicles), a right to trash and burn property, a right to hurt people. Your constitutional right to assemble does not allow you to hamper in any way, the rights of others. Your rights, do not trump (I used that word intentionally) the rights of all others. I know you’ve been brought up to think they do, but they do not.


Sometime in the near future, I intend to publish a list of all of the people who former president Obama pardoned in the last months of his presidency.

In the short-term I need badly to get back to photography for my next post. I’m betting you do too.

May God Bless all of you, regardless of race, religion or political affiliation,                          Wayne

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