California Dreaming

After I wrote the article below yesterday, I decided not to publish it today, but instead to delete it. There is enough anger going around these days. Then when I arose this morning I took my electronic jog through Twitter and Facebook.  Needless to say I changed my mind.


Caution…….below you will find a liberal (sorry about that term) dose of sarcasm, tucked neatly away between straightforward reasonings. The left coast always brings that out of me.

These days, California Dreaming for any sane person, is usually in the form nightmares.

So California wants to secede from the union….again.  Personally I would encourage that. Imagine, California has about 40% of all welfare recipients and around those same percentages for many other federal programs, not to mention Hollywood. Wouldn’t it be nice to no longer have Hollywood as a part of the United States? This state, which is already in bankruptcy, will be forced to actually take care of itself for a change. I would suggest that we build a wall. It would be a long one, but well worth it.

I think a movement, to encourage and help California to secede from the union, should be supported liberally (that word again) by all of us.

I have been to California a few times and it is an amazing place, with ocean, mountains, green valleys and deserts. The problem isn’t this amazing state, it is what happens when you allow yourself to become La La Land. The laughing-stock of much of the world. I not only wouldn’t live in California, I even quit visiting it many years ago. The same thing is happening to Oregon and Washington State and I am sorry to say, that Colorado is headed in that direction. The brain-scramblers always pick beautiful places to take us down “that yellow brick road” to fantasy land. The fantasies, are of course only the ones they choose.

I am happy to live in a state (Wisconsin), that not only isn’t slipping farther out into the ocean of hallucinogenics, but has been actually growing and evolving both in common sense, and morality. Imagine that!

Until this past November, WI had not voted to elect a conservative or any Republican to the presidency since Ronald Reagan. The city of Kenosha, for the first time in 54 years did not support the liberal Democrat. This is an industrial, blue-collar, union town. They voted for Trump. I know life long Democrats who crossed the line for Trump, rather than have a President Hillary on their conscience. Some are in their 70s and this was the first time to reject the Democrat Party in 50 years of voting.


Isn’t it nice to finally learn who the real fake news agencies are? The liberal left is gobbling up every phony story that The New York Times, CBS, CNN, NBC and so forth write or read. They (the left) actually believe that there is an overall ban on all Muslims entering the U.S. Why wouldn’t they, after all that is what the mainstream media is reporting. They also believe that (yes once again) there is a plan to deport all illegal immigrants rather than only those who have broken (beyond their illegal entry) our laws. Maybe with a better school system (hopefully now coming), there will actually be (so-called) journalists who can read and write the truth, and followers who can read it.


Well we know this, the Prime Ministers of England and Israel, support much of Trump’s foreign policy.

You may remember many months ago, I wrote an article in which I took notice of a change coming in the world. That of course is my own opinion based on my observations. England’s decision (by popular vote) to resign from the socialist, one world government, one world monetary system, called the European Union, and elect a conservative Prime Minister, France’s citizen’s insistence that their government stop turning the keys of the country over to Islamic terrorists, and Austria’s “almost” election of a more hard-line boss seems to be a beginning. Similar things are occurring in other parts of the world. The shame comes from, that we have allowed things to devolve to this state in the first place. From here on, nothing and I mean nothing, will come easy. Every policy change towards sanity and morality, will be fought by the left with both political furry, hatred and street violence. It is a fight (from the right) that has to be fought.  This is a world wide war. It is a war of ideas and a war of morals, in a world that will be lost if we do not make a stand.  Thankfully the vast, vast majority on our side are non-violent. Unfortunately, a countable percentage of the other side is. We will continue to fight our way, even as many of them, trash, burn and do worse.

I recently published an article on this blog on tribes, and how we all seem to belong to tribes today, and we hate the other tribe, even after we realize they are our friends and neighbors. That is sad, but we cannot let that stop us.  We didn’t start this fight.

As an aside, in the post Winston Churchill era of Great Britain, in my opinion, there have only been two (truly) conservative Prime Ministers. The first and my favorite was Margaret Thatcher, and then current Conservative Party leader Theresa May. Two women to hold the office in history, and both were conservatives. Hillary Clinton would have set “true” women’s rights in leadership roles back 100 years. There are in this country, an amazingly large number of female conservatives ready and waiting for the next opportunity. While I would never vote for or against anybody because of their sex, I will admit that I am more than ready the change when it comes.


We live in a country, thanks to those on the political right bowing to those on the left, that says if you get drunk and hit a pregnant woman with your car while she crosses the street, and kill both the woman and the child, that is two cases of vehicular homicide toward two separatehuman beings. This country also says that if the same baby was instead killed deliberately (unlike the drunk driver this is premeditated) by crushing its skull and sucking its brains out for the convenience of the mother, well then it is just a mass of tissue. Hypocrisy has become the rule rather than the exception.


One last stab at California. They are on the brink of passing a law that all public schools will here to fore teach that Donald trump was elected President due to Russian hacking of the DNC and the Hillary election team. First of all, let’s state right now, that hacking from anybody, including foreign countries (China and more) needs to be dealt with severely. We now know that somebody, be it Russia or China, attempted to hack the RNC as well. They caught it and blocked any other attempts. Maybe skill, probably luck.

To suggest that this swayed the election certainly brings some things to my fertile mind.

Donald Trump survived a two-week series of accusations that he inappropriately fondled many different woman. Not one single shred of real evidence was ever produced. Could those lies not have caused trump to lose votes?

As wrong as whomever hacked the DNC was, all that was produced via Wiki Leaks was actual, true, electronic conversations from John Podesta and several others. It was their actual conversations!!! The truth that was revealed was that many Democrats are sexist; homophobic, racist, and they make fun of people with handicaps. The sort of thing that they like to accuse conservatives of. Oh yes, we also found out that their primary election was rigged right from the start. The scam was in. Old Bernie never had a chance. The real complaints of Californians and all liberal Democrats are that the people, through this illegal hacking, actually found out the truth about Democrats and it cost them the election. I‘m weeping crocodile tears!

With the last section I return to thoughts (after Twitter and Facebook) that occurred to me this morning.

Do you remember back a few years when I complained about Obama’s issuing of executive orders rather than using the Democratic process. I suggested that at some point it would be nice to hear from some Democrats on the subject.  Silence……… I also suggested that at some time in the future, America will once again elect a Republican President and that I am sure (sarcasm) that those Democrats will remain silent when that Republican does what Obama did! After all, their not hypocrites…..right?

I am hearing now, that the Democrats are urging government agencies to break federal law and ignore the orders. I am not surprised. The political left cares nothing about rule of law.  Only, when they can misinterpret it to do what they want it to do.  That is why I laugh at liberals who scream about police shootings. They care nothing about civilians killing civilians. Their silence on that subject is deafening. They care nothing (even encourage) criminals to kill cops. Hypocrisy by any other name, is still hypocrisy.

By the by, I have indeed seen conservatives criticize Trump for using the executive order route. My suggestion was to let him do it. The past eight years of abusing the power of the White House is enough to give the other side a few months of abuse. That’s what America has come to.

What has happened in this nation since the Trump election, is driving more people away from the Democrat Party, not towards it. Those of you who live in this (recently) conservative Republican state of Wisconsin, do you not remember what pushed it’s voters over the edge.

After electing Republican Scott Walker to the governorship, Walker proceeded to do exactly what he said he would during the election. He, along with his state legislature, legally through the democratic process, switched the balance of power in our public schools from the union, to the administrators. This has saved the state hundreds of million of dollars.

Shortly thereafter, the spoiled liberal left Democrats, initiated a recall vote. Months and months of spoiled little grubs marched on our Capital. Destroying much of the area around it. Many of the demonstrators, were actually hired by the unions, brought in to Wisconsin, and only then told what they were protesting about. They threw beers at Republican legislators and once mocked a handicapped child in the Capital.  Weeks of this and then another Governor’s campaign and election. At one point, the Democrat Senators and Assemblymen and woman, fled to Illinois and held up in a motel, kicking and screaming to do it do it our way or we’ll never come back.  All they got themselves was a even more conservative set of Act 10 laws as there were mainly Republicans left in the state to create law and vote on it. Since that day, only our most liberal four counties remain in Democrat control. Because of their selfish and childish actions, this is now a conservative Republican state.

That is slowly taking root nation wide.

More cheerful stuff next time,



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