Welcome to the Dance

I made this image years ago with three Sandhill Cranes seemingly “air dancing“.
They were actually coming in for a landing at Crex Meadows Wildlife Area in
northwestern Wisconsin.

The poetry of nature often makes it seem that every action is a dance.

In these northern latitudes some birds who remain all year, such as the Bald
Eagle, search for open water from which they can fish, below the dams along the
Mississippi and Wisconsin Rivers. There is a jackpot waiting for hungry eagles,
and photographers.

When the dancing stops, then comes the cleaning of the feathers. Poetic in and
of itself.

Birds are art in and of themselves. This male Goldfinch searches for flower
seeds. I swear, I could hear the music as he bobbed and weaved his way
through every little crevice.

This female Hummingbird dances all by herself. I loved the scene but I did not
hear the music. However she did, and from that I benefited.

Some critters need not move at all to become art. A pose is artful if the “poser” is
in an of itself, art. Oh, this dragonfly is a dancer when it flies or hovers, but I
settled for an artful pose and design, courtesy of God.

Can cute be art? Maybe not but it definitely can be “visually artful”.

This young Black-tailed Prairie Dog ate and posed for me as I sat in my car. I
said thank you and moved on as I always did.

I think there is nothing more visually stunning and artistic than a powerful
sunrise or sunset sky. Add some artful shapes of designs from which to create a

The dance is in the light, and the shape.

God Bless, and keep dancing,

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