Sometimes Culture Shock is Good

Anytime I put of a link up on these pages that concerns a Christian teaching or
preaching, depending oh who visit’s that link, I fully realize all the
issues that might arise. I am not speaking of the obvious, like when non
Christians read them. A different religion all together or an atheist, will of course
have issues and likely be angry. The biggest issue is when those who consider
themselves one sort of Christian or another clicks the link. Both those who’ve
never stepped into a church, and those who may have been faithful church
goers for years.

All factions of Christianity, believe that to some degree or another, it is the Bible
that their religion is based on. Often it is a misrepresentation of the Bible, and
most often the Biblical interpretation that us used, has more to do with their
world view, or their religious traditions than the truth as given to us. I have been
there, I do understand.

Without God’s Word  (The Holy Bible), we are forced to believe what men have
to say, not what God has said. I live for educated (not necessarily in school) and
dedicated teachers who interpret the Bible as written. After a while the Bible
becomes fairly easy to understand, because you will eventually recognize all the
constants, and the Holy Spirit of God will help you.

I promise.

When I share links to a sermon like you will hear below, I use a term called
“culture shock”. I fully understand that as I myself at one time, had not quite
reached the point of getting past my “denominational” background.

The young man is Biblically literate to a point past his forty years or so.  He
understands the Bible better than eighty year old pastors, who have spent
seventy years in study. He was taught correctly by his father who was also a

Once again, listen carefully over and over if necessary.

He is brave, because he believes. His sermon is about abortion. If you listen, do
so slowly and if necessarily repeatedly. He does so with knowledge, a life’s
purpose, and with love and gentleness for everyone regardless of their beliefs.
He also does so unapologetically just as he should. With God’s help, he has it

Take note of what he says about women who’s babies are taken to save them,
and the common sense (and Biblical) reason why in most cases that is not

Please take note of all the programs his church is developing to help pregnant
women who are unfortunately looking towards abortion to solve their problems.

Below is the link to his sermon. Fast forward 37.32 minutes into the sermon. I
suggest you do that because that is his sermon, not the church service. I am not
attempting to persuade anyone go to his church and possibly abandon one you
now attend. This is about someone who gets it, and is a devote Christian. It is
about both his Godly and Bible inspired opinions.

I have stated on these pages before that I have known women who have had
abortions. I imagine you have too. Their babies pay the ultimate price, but they
pay one as well. With understanding, they can be helped and the lives of their
children can be saved.

God be with you,

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