Powerful Visions

I want to share with you today three great images created by three fine artists.

That Gator you see below poking its head out of the water has a Flounder
in its mouth. Action wildlife shots are among the most popular photos that exist.
This was created by George DeCamp and he has much to be proud about.

This next image is of the Camargue wild horses in France. The gorgeous photo
was created by sharpshooter Jennifer King. It is action/art to be sure.

This landscape was captured by Kevin Raber while in in Greenland. I always
lived for those “magic hours” of sunrise or sunset. They will make any location
magical but of course when you begin with a subject like this, you have “double

I will close today with four ancient images of my own.

I share this of a male Redhead Duck because they are so beautiful. When you
add to the primary subject a water background that is also beautiful due to
reflections of some colorful background items you gave doubled the joy.

There is nothing like  photographing something beautiful as it exists in a
beautiful surrounding.

Of course Red Foxes are beautiful in their own right as well. This one is sort of
slinking along with his nose to the ground as he/she hunts. It didn’t succeed on
this occasion but I still smiled and gave thanks for the image.

There is nothing like going to an iconic location such as Monument Valley and
being treated to a variety of light and sky conditions. In one day I came home
with a great variety of images.

Well I hope today’s photos brought a smile to your face.

God Bless

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