What & Why to Share

It’s often a toss up for me as to which pictures I should share with
others. One thing all my pictures have in common, is that none were
made yesterday.  So putting aside that they are somewhat “old
technology”, and in some cases really old technology, my prerequisite
should be, is there something in involving the Xs & Os of image
making that can be taught and remains relevant, or is the subject
and/or the story behind an image interesting to make it worth sharing?

Why do you choose this photo or that one to share?

It’s never difficult to figure out what to do with most animal photos.
Everybody loves to see animals. You can share photos of a common bird
like a Canada Goose all fluffed up and preening, almost anywhere you
please and it will be enjoyed.


Even more so with a compelling critter like a Black Bear cub. This
image is a close call for me as far as technical quality is concerned,
but who doesn’t want to see a wild bear cub in a tree?

2Copy of DSC_5146

Flower images are often popular but what about abstractions that do
not really show the flower per say. This image says as much about me
and my view of flowers as it does the species of flower.

3FLs 010

Now days as I do not seek money for my images, I am more likely to
share with others, pictures that represent my personal way of looking
at subjects.

When you photograph “ropes” of water falling over a small cliff, and
you only include a tiny sliver of the bank with one lone stone in the
image to give a sense of place, the question of what to do with it,
and where to share it, becomes less obvious. Not many people will be
enchanted with this abstraction of reality.  It is of course, only an
abstract in the sense of how much or how little I show. Otherwise,
this image is pure straight up photography. With my own selective
vision and a slow shutter speed of course.

4SlidesWaterWinterFall 003

What can be done with some soft falling water, and some rock hard ice?
The same sensibility from me reigns in this image as the previous.
Except of course that this is a cold picture.

5AbsractElMorro 052

Ultimately, I keep sharing my pictures after all these years for the
same reasons I publish my political ramblings, and my religious
beliefs. We are all driven to leave a piece of who we are somewhere,
and we all love to share what we have learned.  For me, it is this
blog which I have chosen for that platform.

Thanks to all of you, I have been doing just that for these past nine years.

I appreciate your patronage!


John 16:33
“I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have peace. In
this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the

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