In addition to sharing my own photography on this blog, I have
attempted over the years to share with you images from many of today’s
top photographers, as well as some of yesterday’s top image makers. In
some cases (Art Wolfe as an example), yesterday’s  best “shooters” are
still on top today.

I have tried to share the work of a few top photographer/teachers if
they began their photography/teaching, somewhere in my own
“neck of the woods”. That most often meant the neighboring state of

The most recent photographer that I have resurrected which comes from
that state was John Gerlach.  Today I bring to you a mini portfolio
from Rod Planck. Much like with John, I did not know that Rod was
still in the business. That’s not because either one was no longer the
pro that they once were, it is because I quit paying attention. That
was my loss for all those years, and my gain now.

Rod has something in common with most successful nature photographers
from this general area, he is versatile. He is a landscape, wildlife,
all forms of macro, and abstract photographer/artist. I always craved
all of that in my personal photography, but also when I view the work
of others.

I know Rod best for his macros. His Ladyslipper flowers are legend and
this straight up, delicate and flawless capture of a pink one, says
He is also of the Larry West, John Shaw and John Gerlach (all from
Michigan) discipline of creating images of “little critters”. They
each have their own style and Rod’s style usually involves story
telling and it is always captivating.

These mating Effin Butterflies are shown to be romantically and
physically linked in this artful rendition by Rod.


He is also a fine wildlife photographer as displayed with this nice
shot of a Spruce Grouse.


If I think of a specialty beyond macros when Rod Planck comes to my
mind, it is his abstract imagery.

Rod’s use of close-ups in his abstracts is legendary, and this super
close-up of a flower’s edge is beautifully captured.


Rod is also a savant when it comes to transforming
landscape/waterscapes into abstractions.

This rock in a pond image was created in Iceland proving what I have
been saying for many years, when we go to great locations, don’t just
search for location revealing pictures, seek out shape and form and
abstractions of reality, just as you would in the woodland down the
street from your home. Famous places are great, but photography is
about what winds up in the picture, and how it affects those who view

This image is as clean and crisp as is Iceland herself.


This appears to be a rock in an autumn pond.  A few of my favorite
such images of my own were created in Michigan‘s Upper Peninsula where
Rod did or does reside. This might be the same location near Bond


There is no way to describe how heartwarming it is for me when I
discover that outdoor photographers that I have always admired are
still hard at it and are still successful and relevant. Rod certainly
belongs in that group.

Photography is difficult to divorce yourself from (I know, a
preposition), so I long ago decided not to try.  It is always a happy
day when I rediscover photographers from my own era.

God Bless and keep clicking,

7Cranes 003 (2)

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