The Maggies of The World

Like most of us who have lived a while, I’ve seen my share of death.
Friends and family, including my parents. It is a mistake to think
that it is only the passing of our loved ones from among our fellow
humans that can hit us hard. Our animal friends can become not only
our friends, but our loved ones as well.

A number of years ago my dog Tuxedo died, and I eulogized him
everywhere that I wrote on the internet, and I was writing in four
different locations at the time. He was my very best friend, and I was
broken hearted.  Tux lived at the time with two other dogs, and
two cats.

Today I want to say goodbye to Maggie the cat. Maggie was my sister’s
cat along with her sister Maddie. Some time back Maddie died. Two days
later Maggie, made a complete pass through the house, first meowing
and then letting out a mournful cry, while sitting with her back to
the wall. She was upstairs where those two rarely ventured. It seemed
as though she finally figured out her sister was not here any more,
and was not coming back.

I have never been one of those guys who hated cats, but I had never
thought much about really getting to know one either. A few months ago
Maggie seemed to pursue a friendship with me, and I welcomed her. I
have enjoyed every single second of it. I miss her now as I write
this, just as I would any great friend.  She would jump up into my lap
when I was at the computer, and I would pet her and lavish her with
all the affection possible. We became very good friends. When she
began preening while on my lap, and then would occasionally curl up
and sleep, I knew she trusted me completely and we would be friends
for life. That life was not to last much longer, so I have thanked the
good Lord that she welcomed me as a friend.

Being a big, strong tough guy (ha,ha), I never admitted it but I cried
like a baby when Tux died. I was of course alone at the time. My new
found maturity now allows me to confess, I cried for the loss of
Maggie as well.

I’ve never shared a friendship with an animal, who didn’t give me more than I gave them.

Here’s to all the Maggie’s in the world that help make our human lives
bearable. They come into our world and bless us as if a gift from God.
Maybe they are just that.

Thank you my little friend!!

God Bless,


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2 Responses to The Maggies of The World

  1. Darlene Jansen says:

    Wayne, I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your sister’s cat Maggie, who was also your new friend. I have tears in my eyes as I write this, as I know how difficult it is to have our beloved pets pass away. Wayne, I agree with you 100 percent, our pets are truly a gift from God!

    • Wayne Nelson says:

      Thank you for your response Darlene. I knew that you would be the one who could relate this article.

      Thanks again, Wayne

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