Real Power

We all face the question of whether to put our faith in the power of
the world, or the Power of God.

Let’s see what God’s World has to say about that, and about the two
paths that people are taking today.

One thing I am not fond of, is when people bend the meaning of Bible
verses to fit a point they wish to make, or to add color to something
they want to share, even when that something is a photo. I would guess
that 75% of the Christian world, from born again Christians, to those
who merely identify themselves as such, who use verses, do exactly

I am sure that at some point in the life of this blog I have included
a verse along with a photo, and did exactly what I say shouldn’t be
done.  We all live to learn.

There is an enormous difference in deciding to share an image, and
then attaching a Bible verse that I think that everyone will like, and
will make my image seem even better, than finding a Bible verse I want
to share, and using a photo to help illustrate the truth of the verse.
The image will almost surely provide only a metaphorical illustration,
but it is included to help make the verse clear.

I am not suggesting that when the Holy Spirit of God, delivered the
verses below to the writer of the book of Ecclesiastes, that He was
referring directly to the 21st Century political definition of right
of center, and left of center. I am saying however, that what the Lord
truly meant, surely seems to be exactly the same thing as my
definition of what it means to be on the political left or the
political right for the past 25 years, especially today, and likely
for the foreseeable future.


2. A wise man’s heart is at his right hand; but a fool’s heart at his left.

3. Yes also, when he who is a fool walks by the way (the world), his
wisdom fails him, and he says (shows) to everyone that he is a fool.

From my study Bible: Two types of Wisdom are portrayed in these two verses:

Wisdom from the Bible alone, and so-called wisdom that comes from the
world (called “the way” in verse 3).

The “right hand” speaks of power (Mathew 26:64) and therefore Wisdom
that comes from God.

The “left hand “ speaks of the power of an unbelieving world.  God
says that all who follow the world, are fools.
Where we derive our power from, like everything else, up to each of
us individually. When you look at the world around you, do you see
wisdom?  The Bible however, is Wisdom personified.

God Bless,


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