The Autumn of The Year

The term, the autumn of the year is often used to described the time of a person’s life, when the end is drawing near. When it comes to seasons, it is just one of the many transitions our planet makes, but for my personal enjoyment, fall is the best.

Quiet, peaceful days, yet they are filled with riotous colors.

Autumn means a lot of things to photographers, and it can be different to each of us. Even if you stick to the premise of fall colors, what you see and what I see, can be vastly different.

I love drawing the contrasts between vertical gray/brown patterns of bark on a tree trunk, and the bright, warm colors, and hodgepodge patterns of autumn leaves. I can spend and entire day just doing this.

1Copy of FoggySRfall 049b

Composing golds and reds in one photo can artistically display for future viewers, the differences in varying trees as well as those “in between” moments during the season.3DSC_7372

Tree trunks can be almost as important in fall pictures as are the leaves. In this shot it provides an anchor. Something tough and durable that we can count on for the entire year.2FallPets 065

My favorite condition for fall photography is cloudy, windless, and maybe just a little damp. That doesn’t mean I used to hide indoors when the sun came out.

This picture of late fall with just a few leaves gracing the scene would have been unimpressive in every sense if it were not for the spotlight of the sun illuminating the leaves, and making them pop from the space below them.3HhPets 010

One of my favorite forms of autumn picture making is to isolate one or more fallen leaves. Look down in the fall.

A favorite backdrop for my fallen leaf photography was, well, more leaves. Leaf on leaf.

Pine needles are in fact a form of leaves. I loved the 3D effect of the red Maple leaf and the green needles. Always remember, cool colors (in this case green), visually recede, warm colors advance.4FallPets 019

Same principal. 4gDSC_0205

Big leaves can support more than one little leaf. The light toned big leaf, allows the dark red little leaves to pop.5FallPets 043

There’s a lot of popping going on in fall photography.

Sometimes the leaf on leaf scenario means there is not as much pop as you would like. You can still make a great picture. I twisted (yes I cheated) the red leaf a little to rest it cross-grained on the big leaf. That crossing of patterns helps separate the two leaves.6FallPets 030

Ferns make great subjects in autumn, in and of themselves. They have a natural composition within the plant.7aDSC_0201 Sometimes getting into “real” macro mode and photographing only the patterns that exist within a single leaf, can bring your imagery into the “abstracts of autumn” category. I was actually drawn to this subject by the excessive highlights in the middle of the leaf. Contrasts again. I did reduce the brightness of those highlights while editing the photo just a little bit, to make the picture a easier on the eyes. Notice that this leaf is drying out and well on its way to becoming a crinkly “winter leaf”. You can photograph autumn into the winter season.7HhPets 041 Let’s finish today with a picture that has nothing to do with autumn or me.

Denise Ippolito created this stirring image of two Lionesses and one cub in Kenya Africa. Thank you Denise, what a way to close this post.KenyaDeniseIppolito

God Bless,                                                                                                                                     Wayne

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