All God’s Children

The opinions contained in this article, belong to me.

Where do I get such infinite wisdom to write such articles as you see below (lol)? Well, much of it is borrowed from others who are much wiser than I. Some of it comes from doing a little bit of work, and the rest is knowledge that is given to each of us.  We just need to listen.

Biblical questions can be difficult to answer. I am guessing that is true for even a genuine  scholar. One thing I can say is if you are looking for a single verse to specifically, in and of itself answer a question you have, in plain English (or French, German and so on) think again. Such verses do exist, but mostly you need to read further.

Both those who love the Bible and want to prove it true, and those who hate it and choose to prove it false, use the same flawed methods. They look for one or two verses that sum up the point they are attempting to make.

I read the novel Tom Sawyer round about when I was ten years old. My memory of it is foggy but I am betting if I wanted to prove to someone that Tom was a con-artist, that just one or two lines from one section of the book would not suffice.  Using any physical action and/or descriptive inference that might indicate he was a con-artist, along with the context of the rest of that chapter, would eventually make it clear that Mark Twain was letting us know, Tom was a conniving little devil.  Also, what was the point to the book in its entirety?

A while back my sister and I were discussing whether children automatically go to Heaven when they die. An understandable discussion because in most cases they will have not yet accepted Christ as their Savior. It is something that I would hope that everyone who is Christian, is interested in.

Every Biblical scholar that I respect, believes children under the age of enlightenment (when the age of enlightenment is, remains  a question mark) do automatically go to Heaven.

Read the Bible looking for a preponderance of evidence. If you are searching for a verse that says yes children all go to Heaven or they all go to Heaven up to 11 years of age or 14, you will be looking a long time. Search through the Bible for verses telling of the innocence and Godliness of children as well as verses that state right out how God will deal with children differently from adults. Does God think there is an inherent difference in grown-ups and children? See what other verses seem to compliment or dispute the ones you think do actually say what you are looking for.

People who question if children are going to Heaven might do so for a variety of reasons. They may be true believers who believe that children do not go because of their own interpretation of the Bible.  They are more than likely “new age” Christians. They believe the notion is Biblically incorrect because EVERYBODY goes to Heaven anyway, so why would we even need salvation for children. If pressed, they will also tell you that Satan himself, will also go to Heaven. This despite actual Biblical evidence which goes as far as to explain how Satan, his minions, and all of HELL will be pitched into the consuming Lake of Fire at the proper moment in history.

Those people, I believe are most often a part of humanism and psychology which suggests that sin does not truly exist, it is merely an opinion that can be interpreted in a variety of ways.

Most of those same people will however, assign something that is at least akin or similar to sin, to any simple utterance that they deem to be politically incorrect. They put mankind and there own sense of sin, above the Bible.  They have rejected sin, but they have created their own version of it. Humanism!

Caution, many secular humanists come wearing the clothing of the ministry.

We ourselves (with God’s help if we choose), are charged with rightfully dividing the Bible, and with our own spiritual discernment. It takes that proper discernment, to know and understand Christ and His Cross, which is the ultimate purpose of the Christian faith. It is why it exists. Where did sin come from, and how will it be defeated?

Back to the age of enlightenment.  My opinion is, that it varies according to the child. Only God knows what is right for one child or another. Maybe 20, maybe 8. I trust God, so that makes that part easy for me.  Yes that does mean, that children who are above their age of enlightenment, will not go to heaven after death, unless they have accepted Christ. This is suggested in verse, but not stated plainly.

I have another suspicion (only a suspicion) which is definitely not confirmed in the Bible. I very seldom add my feelings or conjecture to what I believe, but that‘s what this is. My suspicion is that grown adults of various ages, may be saved for the same reasons of innocence. In other words, people incapable of mental decision making. They have the minds, and the innocence of a child. I am not talking of selfish immaturity. I am not speaking of sociopaths who murder with no conscience. I am talking about issues in the brain that make them children all of their lives. This is merely a possibility that I have long entertained. I know of no Biblical proof to support it.

The link below is one of dozens where you can research the subject of children going to Heaven.

I would suggest with subjects as important as this, to read every page of any article, including verses.

No Biblical scholar, and certainly nobody like me, will ever aid you in understanding the Bible like God will.  His Spirit, often called The Holy Ghost, is the one place where you will always be given the truth.

I did not go into the topic of baptism as salvation here for a reason. It is a touchy subject and of course the Bible deals with three different forms of baptism. Water Baptism, being Baptized into Christ, and Baptism with The Holy Spirit. That’s for another day.


Most of my life I have talked about things like politics and religion only with those who were closest to me and then only if they desired, or with others as long as it was they who brought up the subject. I never of my own volition openly discussed things such as their religion or their politics as that can be so personal to anyone.  What you have been reading on these pages in recent times, are new subjects for me to openly discuss.

Writing about politics and social issues, as divisive as that can be, is a piece of cake compared to writing about Christianity or religions such as Islam or science or nature based atheism (which is slowly becoming the one world religion that the Bible warns us of). If I had a larger audience, I would undoubtedly be ridiculed for my Christian writings. At this point in my life, I could live with that.  I am no different than anybody else. I would prefer people to like me rather than dislike me. I am however, no longer willing to settle for being likable over saying what (in my opinion) needs to be said.

Thank you and God Bless,                                                                                                             Wayne

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