Free Speech My A**

I know I’ve been posting a lot lately, I am sure my energy level will drop eventually, and the frequency of articles will slow down.

Its time for a few follow-ups as far as some of the opinions or statements I have made on these pages in the recent past.

No, I have not watched any NFL football since I sopped many weeks ago. Yes that of course includes the Green Bay Packers. No I have never said I will not come back. When or should I say if the day comes, that I no longer get sickened by the sight of NFL players, coaches, officials and everyone connected to the sport, I will return. Football is entertainment, I am presently not entertained by the NFL

For those of you who falsely think that any of what’s happening in pro football has anything whatsoever to do with the NFL and its teams standing up for free speech, read the facts on the poster below. Take a look at what the league has done to others who only wanted to promote a message about charitable subjects, or the subject of God. What happened to their free speech?22519396_10212596856810503_4234914087828220773_n


God Bless,                                                                                                                                        Wayne

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