I follow Aaron Rodgers on Twitter. I did so because I supported him 100% in his effort to show Wisconsinites why he belonged being the leader of the Green Bay Packers. My previous number one guy for the Packers, Brett Favre, had let me down towards the end, with his selfishness, and what became a phony attitude of the “I’m just a lovable good ole boy). I was embarrassed to be a Wisconsinite as some pseudo Packer fans (they were Favre fans not Packer fans) booed Rodgers and convinced their small children to hurl obscenities in his direction. I guess he did have gall to allow himself to be drafted by the Packers and then actually play when they told him to. (sarcasm)

Since then he has been a great quarterback and a class guy. I cheered for his personal success along with the Packers, despite the fact that there was little doubt in my mind that this northern California guy who finished his college career at Berkeley, the communist university in northern California, was a liberal. He always stayed out of politics, but I guess his hatred for President Trump overcame him.

I recently for the first time (s), replied to Rodger’s Tweets.

Trump during one of this rants ( I say that affectionately), mentioned how Pat Tillman, the NFL player who gave up his career to fight in, and die in Afghanistan, is being dishonored by these actions. Tillman’s widow, a Trump hater, has since chastised Trump for doing that. She said her statement (Tweet) was because Trump was using Tillman, for politics. I completely support her right via free speech, to do that.

Her Tweet was re-Tweeted by Rodgers. My first reply to Rodgers for his re-Tweet was it is indeed too bad that Tillman, can no longer speak for himself. I meant that both figuratively, and literally. I thought about that, and answered with another Tweet. I said I felt it was shameful, that his widow and now you, would use Pat’s legacy to “play politics”. Liberals never understand that free speech is for everybody not just them, and when somebody uses it for a personal vendetta, if it is wrong for one it is wrong for all. I do however, stand by her (and Rodger’s) right to do that.

As an aside, I have been criticized by some (on Twitter) and received support via the “like” button by others for my comments.

I’ll remind us all once again, Rodgers was raised in northern California. He did all of his schooling there so maybe we need to cut him a little (very little) slack because even though he is a bright guy,  it is obvious he was taught the “alternative”, liberal version of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. It’s hard to blame him for his obvious ignorance.

I will remind people, my opposition to what the players are doing, is one of simply disagreeing with them in principal, and in their methods. My true opposition is with the NFL, and teams (such as the Packers) for not stopping it. They have every right to tell players when they are working and representing the teams and the league, to stop what they are doing. They can be fined or suspended for having a splash of purple on one of their shoes, but they are allowed to disrespect our flag, and therefore spit on the graves of our war dead.

The NFL, and the teams (excepting the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals I am told) are a disgrace.

As for me and televised sports? I will go back to NASCAR, and Professional Bull Riding. The PBR contains no politics, and while neither does NASCAR, several car owners (they are like football teams), have made it clear that anyone who might choose to “take a knee” or any other such gesture during our Anthem, would be looking for work. They mean right then and there, not after the race. That is something they have every right to do.

Remember, the NFL players are a bunch of rich kids who have been  fawned over and allowed to get their way due to their athletic prowess, since they were in grammar school, regardless of their possibly humble upbringing. The teams and the NFL however, have all of this in the palm of their hands. They have chosen to support rich kids and elitist liberalism over their fans who work hard and spend their money to follow football. It’s up to you whether we let this become just another trip down the road of the elitists, or we tell them what we think via TV, what gets spent on memorabilia, or how many stadium seats they sell.


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