Current Myths About Free Speech.

I want to share a few opinions on the continuing debate of NFL players and coaches refusing to honor our National Anthem.

If you have an open mind and value common sense, I can prove to you that the symbolic exercise currently being displayed in the NFL is NOT about free speech.

The American left always loves to make everything they do, whether it be using filthy language, calling for the death of people they don’t like, or over turning cars and burning buildings, about free speech. The only free speech they are ever for, is their own.

All this takes to understand is honest common sense.

I will ABSOLUTELY promise you, that among the 53 players and the multitude of coaches on each and every team, there are those who do not like what is happening. Guaranteed. At least half this country doesn’t agree with it, and some of them are on those teams. I will guarantee you that there are individuals who voted for Donald Trump on each and every team. Roughly half of this nation is politically conservative. Look at a red/blue map and you will realize that over half the nation geographically, votes Republican.

Those players and coaches are made to feel they are not team players if they do not go along with the plan. The plan appears to be, unity in the NFL, divide the country. I can assure, in some cases they are chastised for any disagreements they have with disrespecting our flag. WHAT ABOUT THEIR RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH?

An example. On the first day of the league wide protest, one lone brave player for the Pittsburgh Steelers, decided not to sit in the locker room during the National Anthem. He stood alone on the field with millions of onlookers likely cheering in their living rooms. By the next day, they had brow beat him into apologizing for his heroism. They made him feel guilty. I am sure he had some fears of either physical reprisal, or silently being cut from the team a few weeks down the road.


By what we are told about this protest and free speech, they should have praised him for making his statement. That NEVER happens from the political left.

Liberal free speech means that they can say anything they choose, and any contrary opinions need to be silenced.

The free speech they talk of, is the “free” speech of the old Soviet Union, Hitler’s Germany, and today’s North Korea.

This is not about this stupid “acting out” by a lot of rich little boys. It’s about the truth, and it’s about yet one more thing we are letting the liberal left take away from us. By that I don’t mean watching football games, as that is irrelevant in our lives. It’s about love of country, and respect for what so many millions have done to keep us free, and to help the rest of the world stay free. That freedom is tested each and every day.

If the urge nags at you to subscribe to what NFL football players do, because you are a fan, try to remember about 67% of these millionaire geniuses are flat broke and out of money within five years of retirement. Do you think just maybe you would have the brains and willpower to have something left after careers that can reach 200 million dollars? 40% of black NFL players still think that O J was innocent and it is only racists that think otherwise. Don’t let a bunch of athletes, who were passed along from grade to grade because they were good on a football team, decide right and wrong for you.

God bless and have a great day,

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