Four Play

Today I bring you four superb photographer/artists. Each one not only has style, but they have their own personal style. Two are actually legends and two are on their way. Which is which? Who cares? Let’s just enjoy the show.

Technology genius, and all around great photographer George Lepp, is a master at clean, colorful, detail rich wildlife photography. This image of a Red-Breasted Sapsucker is pretty “as a picture”. I detect electronic flash and it is used beautifully.Red-breasted Sapsucker

Denise Ippolito has her own wonderful style for flower imagery. It is always light and ethereal. I know that there is some software manipulation here but it is done in a “light handed” way. Excellent as always!!21761986_1684318984975040_222307554530518141_n

Lane Lefort is one of the champions of southern landscape and architectural photography. I love southern Cypress swamps and this is one of the best land/waterscapes of one I have seen. His images of downtown New Orleans are no less compelling.17553978_10212860640939244_2388030559209160248_n

When I want to view images from one photographer that run the gamut of artistic imagery of everything from landscapes, to macros, to wildlife, to people, to architecture, I turn to either Art Wolfe, or Jim Zuckerman. They never let you down and Jim certainly did not disappoint with this night scene from a festival in Harbin, China.Harbin China Jim Zuckerman

God Bless,


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