A Voice

I think it’s time for me to say something about the current U.S. President, Donald Trump.

Those of you who follow this blog know that back during our primary elections I was an outspoken opponent of Trump. Once he was declared winner of the Republican primaries, I slowly and begrudgingly accepted him as the only choice I could make for the general election. Since his successful election to that high office, the road has been a rough one, although mainly do to his opponents. There have been a few times when I have cringed at things he’s said, or how he said it, but by and large, it has been his selfish and overbearing opponents that have bothered me the most.

While he is criticized by the political left and by our left-wing news media no matter what he says or does, (an example being the negative coverage of the hats worn by he and the First Lady, or which shoes she wears) I am finding value in what he does say.

In his recent speech at the United Nations and in his latest fight with the once great National Football League, he is giving a voice to much of mainstream America. You know, those who did and still do provide for America and keep her running. The work a day Americans who ask little and give a lot. Those who today are often embarrassed not because of the president’s missteps or words, but because of the hatred and buffoonery of those who oppose him.

Personally, I felt like standing up and cheering when he spoke at the U.N. and scolded them for the ridiculous amounts of money they waste and their “toothless” decisions that never even get carried out.

His calling today’s modern NFL players, the ungrateful, privileged, spoiled brats that they are, and suggesting that team owners should fire (something they have every right to do) players who disrespect this nation and its flag, is something that millions of good, honest Americans were already thinking.  He is becoming the voice of middle America and all those who generally go about their days without whining and crying.

There is much on TV and much on the radio that I no longer watch or listen to because of the constant left wing haranguing and indoctrination that I am forced to put up with.

I can no longer stomach a.m. radio sports talk. I never dreamed the day would come when I couldn’t stand to listen to sports talk. National Public Radio has been off my list since 911. Two days after the bombing I listened to America hating liberals calling into a NPR talk show,  and actually showing joy over the bombing, calling it getting what we deserve.

Of the myriad of types of shows I have quit watching on TV such as all talk shows, I have now, at least for the time being, added the NFL games to that list. Yes, I absolutely include the Green Bay Packer’s (the team I cheer for) games in that group. They are not MY Green Bay Packers at this time. I have followed them since I was 9 years old. Most of those involved on this team were not yet born when I first sat in front of my TV and cheered for Paul Hornung, Bart Starr and Willie Wood.

I am not foolish or arrogant enough to think that what I watch, which very few people (only you) will even know about, would make any difference. I will tune out the NFL along with those other shows because they have sucked the joy out of watching them for me. The NFL itself and the teams, sided with the players and their distorted, ugly view of America, over my (and millions of others) long-standing view of honoring my country, its flag, and those who have died to keep it free. That’s their decision, this is mine.

It is hard to see this once great nation divided in two. I suppose some would say that the nation’s spokesperson (the president), should be a healer, not a bull in a china cabinet. You cannot heal those who do not want to be healed, and right now, a voice for the mainstream, is more important. You know, those like me and some of you who cannot, or prefer not to yell above the screams of the political left. Some of you are the very ones who proudly served this nation and made it possible for the whiners and the criers, to put themselves and their beliefs above the country, and above you.

You are the givers, and it is good that you have a voice ( this president), be it a rather imperfect one, that can yell “almost” as loud as the takers.

God Bless,

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