Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Previous Americans of all political persuasions would be ashamed of the political cowards that exist in many American businesses today.

ESPN is set to broadcast the up coming University of Virginia football game but has announced that their play by play guy, Robert Lee, has been dropped from the game because of you guessed it, the sameness of the name with long dead Confederate Civil War General Robert E. Lee. I am embarrassed to live in the same country that houses a sports network that is so weak and knock-kneed. Their cowardly manner is breathtaking, but no longer surprising.

As an aside, like most people in the world with a last name of Lee, the sportscaster I spoke of above is Asian. Maybe those (only on the left) who would have been bothered by a Robert Lee on TV in Virginia, could now claim that ESPN is racist, and yes, bigotry towards someone because of their race is actual racism, unlike most of what the left calls racism. At least that would provide something for those particular left-wingers to march about. Of course, I would imagine that they have little interest in marching about real racism when it is put into practice.

(It’s funny, liberal left-wing folk singer Joan Baez was a favorite of mine in the 60s and 70s. Her great song (from a group called The Band), The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, was a powerful message on how hard the Civil War was on Confederate Soldiers and all southerners. What an advantage the north had. She sang of one young Confederate brother and how “he was just 18 proud and brave, when a Yankee laid him in his grave”. Now, it seems we are to hate everybody who ever lived in or comes from the old south. We can no longer acknowledge even the historic value of any Confederate be they human or symbolic. The modern left, will snuff history and its lesson giving value if we let them. I should mention that I heard the Baez song link to this subject mentioned on a radio station.)

Like all conservatives, I have had contempt for those on the left who always want a boycott every company in America who sells something, or supports anything they disagree with. Just the same, the time is here to start causing financial pain and misery to anybody who panders to the psycho left. The vast majority of the political right works, pay taxes, and are what keeps American industry moving. Unlike the left, they do not like penalizing companies, simply because they hire workers, pay taxes, and it is everybody‘s right of freedom to buy where they want. It’s time the  right stops supporting companies including TV networks who give in to crazies and “snowflakes”. They take us for granted because they assume we will keep on supporting them no matter what. Maybe it’s time to change that.  Don’t be like the obnoxious and hateful left, just silently quit buying there.


Every single day, across my TV screen, hate is on display. It is usually not acted out by the small population of disgraceful white supremacists we have in this country. Both the left and right hate those people even though there are very few in existence in America. Republicans and conservatives have made it clear how despicable they find true racism and racists. Still, every day hate is displayed in this country by extreme leftists, and it is either ignored, or outwardly supported by the mainstream left. Once again, it is rank and file Democrats, and everyday liberals who are allowing this to happen in America. For those who fit into those groups who maybe are not praising the hate that is on display, they are approving of it by their silence. Every prominent Republican and conservative voice in America, including the current president, has criticized those white supremacists. I still wait for former President Obama to criticize the violent haters on the far left that arose during his Presidency. How about the left today with their dozens of ‘spread the hate” groups? How about the death we have seen from those groups over the past 2 years? Ever hear one single critic from either the celebrity or the rank and file left utter a word of disapproval?


The current assault on free speech in America, I am quite sure, would have my Father, and millions of deceased Americans rolling in their graves, if that were possible. Imagine how many Americans died for the right of today’s selfish and bigoted left-wingers to spew their hatred. Those same haters, are the leaders in the assault on the free speech of others.

Hatred, a word you are hearing me use a lot today, is protected in free speech. Even the snowflakes who want not only everyone who says anything they disagree with to be silenced, but in many cases put in jail, were given their right to say that by millions of now dead Americans. What is or is not hatred, is a matter of our opinions. It is not your right to arbitrarily decide who can say what.

You cannot have a free nation, when you silence speech that contains what you or I call hatred!!!!! What you can do in a free nation which has free speech, is use your own speech to criticize what you disagree with or consider hateful. You do have the right to criticize, not to silence the speech of others.

FREE speech means protecting the speech you do not want to hear. There is no need for FREE speech to protect the words that everyone agrees is okay.

It is amazing that the two sentences above need to be written, but we have an entire generation that was never taught that, and are void of the common sense and morality to figure it out for themselves. They don’t care about our Constitution because they have never really been taught its meaning and its purpose.

Speech that calls for violence is something that is not acceptable or legal. Still, I hear group chants from the left calling for violence. I have heard left-wing celebrities call for the killing of our current president. Where are the liberals (and rank and file Democrats) when that happens????? Isn’t murder hate?

I am not surprised that a portion of modern America believes that free speech is only meant for them, and they and only they, can decide who should be silenced and who should be heard. In many cases, they were taught (or not taught) by people who were never taught correctly themselves. The crumbling of our public school system, is beginning to have pronounced, and deadly consequences.

For you political/social conservatives who understand the meaning of our Constitution and the “God given” rights it provides, time is running out to fight back….not with violence but with wisdom and a desire for personal freedom.  By “telling it like it is”!

I used to say that writing opinionated articles is a cathartic and freeing experience. Today it is a necessary exercise. We are in a world wide civil war. It’s better to win the war with ideas and moralities, than with muskets and cannons. If we think like losers, it will indeed become a self-filling prophecy.


A Cool Story

My sister reported this story to me yesterday not long after it happened.

At a local grocery store (about 3 miles my house) a 91 year old lady was nearing her car with some groceries when a young woman ran up to her and pulled the elderly woman’s purse from her shoulder. As she ran off the old woman yelled and another young woman saw what was happening. That woman kicked off her shoes and set off in a dash straight for the thief. The robber had made it to her own car and had the keys in the ignition. Just as she was to close the door and leave, the chaser got there and grabbed the door. As this was happening a man who had gotten into his truck saw this and drove his truck to where it blocked the thief‘s exit. Meanwhile the young lady who had chased the robber had pulled the keys out the ignition. She tossed the keys to the man who had gotten out of his truck. The thief got out of her car and began to take a swing at the chaser, but the robber was too slow and that other young lady punched the criminal in the nose leaving her with blood dripping from that orifice. The chaser and the man then performed a citizen’s arrest and held her for the police.

The police arrived and found at least two stolen credit cards in the possession of the thief. Shock (sarcasm)!

There are always glimmers of hope. All of us should thank the man, and especially that brave (and tough) young woman who refused to look the other way. I would like to know her and I would surely never cross her.

Today one elderly woman still has her purse, her money and any credit cards, while one predatory young woman is in jail. That my friends, is a happy ending!

Back to photography next time.

God Bless, Wayne

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