America’s New Fascism

There is a statement I think that needs to be said by me, so I will handle that first, then on to the new fascist state.

I make a lot of comments about politics and religion on these pages. A good deal of it is critical of what I see in the world today. When it comes to religion, personal beliefs, or whatever you wish to call it, do not misinterpret my critical words to mean that I do not believe everyone has the right to believe what they want. If you do not hurt anybody, you have the right to believe whatever you choose. I stress the point of view that I do, because of what my personal journey has been, what I have come to realize from that, and my desire for everyone have the opportunity to feel what I feel. That doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right to disagree, or that I think I know everything. My biggest issue is not with those who believe in another religion, it is the manipulation and distortion of the Bible and the true Christian doctrine. Getting certain parts wrong, can be bad enough to adversely effect your eternity. You can miss the boat by 180 degrees. If you’re half way home, why not find someone or some place, that will help you to complete your journey. I will continue to do my best to aid people in finding that path. I don’t say that with arrogance, but rather with confidence.

Now, as for the harsh words I often use in politics. The time for soft words and pulling punches is over. I will continue to be a pain in the posterior to those who have aided and abetted in the journey that has led so many into hate, lies and obfuscation. Everyone of course, has the right to disagree, but I have the right to call it as I see it.


dictatorial movement: any movement, ideology, or attitude that favors dictatorial government, centralized control of private enterprise, repression of all opposition

This ridiculous obsession that so many on the political left have with removing statues, flags and artifacts that they (it’s always about them) have decided are racist, or have some other aspect that they (there’s that word again) have decided is bad, needs to be criticized by all sane, common sense people. The closed mindedness that exists in today‘s political left, is breathtaking. The younger they are the more closed it seems to be.

Liberals have always attempted to rewrite history to say what they (that word again) prefer it to say. That’s one reason (of several) why I left that movement in favor of honest thought and discourse.

If every single artifact, picture or memento of the past in southern America is removed, it just might cause us to forget the horrors of slavery, and of the Civil War. Dahhhh!!!!! All artifacts mean different things to different people.

History is meant to be a lesson and a memory, of both good and bad. Attempts to forget history as it occurred, is exactly what groups like the Klu Klux Klan do. Today’s American liberal left will someday be remembered in much the same way as is the Klu Klux Klan. They burn what they do not like, and give props to themselves for doing it. They are the haters of this generation.

Thinking people, don’t remove the signs of everything they disagree with. If you start down that road, there are a millions signs that the American right could tear down. They of course will not do that.

Look at the poster below and ask yourself why liberals do not tear down any remembrances of Martin Luther King. He fundamentally disagreed with some points (actually many) that today’s American left claims as their issue. Certainly they are not hypocrites (sarcasm). Are they?20994027_1031990476991527_8348921179892131407_n

The poster below also says a mouthful. How is it that the statues and images of former Confederates represent racism today, but not during the Obama years? The answer is at the bottom of the poster.21077652_1193260997471393_4576571788514786225_n

Once again, where is the so-called mainstream, political left?

On that note, I will take this opportunity to disagree with President Trump’s decision to pardon former Arizona Sheriff Joseph Arpaio. Do understand, I followed and frequently agreed with Sheriff Joe. We could use a few thousand more like him. That said, he was found legally guilty of contempt for refusing a court order. Once again, that said, I am quite sure that at the end of Trump’s term(s), we won’t find him breaking all records for turning criminals back on our streets, as did our last president. Drug dealers, terrorists and traitors were put back in circulation thanks to Mr. Obama. I mention this because it pays to keep things in perspective. One cop that was noted for being a strong enforcer of laws, who then broke one law by violating a court order on one side…..…..against thousands of criminals set loose, some of them violent on the other? The comparison’s continue to be breathtaking.

None the less, Trump did the wrong thing, in my opinion.

I see the left’s blood thirst for censorship (no not sex and violence they love that), but for whatever they (that word yet again) decide is inappropriate, continues as theaters that specialize in classic films are banning Gone With The Wind from their theaters. Now I always found parts of that movie and others depicting the civil war, to be a bit offensive myself. That doesn’t mean I want to ban them, or that I wouldn‘t show them as classic films. The fascism that the left claims to hate, should be really described as self-hate, as they have become what they say they oppose.

The American Left of today, are government censorship loving, book banning, speech choking, bigoted and narrow minded.  There has never been a time in my life, that I would have allowed myself to be associated with America’s “new left”.  At my lowest point, my standards were much too high.

50 years of slowly leading mainstream American liberals and Democrats, further and further to the left (most never even noticed the journey they were on), now find themselves making a half circle journey into a hybrid that includes a blending of the extreme left and the extreme right. I wonder how it feels and how one justifies being a extreme leftest/fascist hybrid.

Well now, I feel better and I bet some of you do too! I said some, not all.

Have a great day,                                                                                                                         Wayne

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