I just felt in the mood to share a few (old) Bald Eagle images today.

There’s nothing like a preening bird, and when that bird is a Bald Eagle with a blue sky background, well that’s bird heaven. I have never shown this “specific” image before.


Making flight pictures of birds is a joy that every nature photographer should experience. The vast majority of all such images that we see are crops. It is in fact easier to make those pictures if the subject is distant when you make the picture. Making tight edge to edge pictures of a bird in motion, when you are not sure (we never are) what it’s going to do next, is a nightmare.

One other benefit in making pictures then need cropping is that you will have an opportunity, while relaxing at home in front of a computer, to create a new composition. Tiny little corrections can make a big difference.






Then of course, there are those circumstances when a bird is flying so close to you that you struggle to get the whole bird into the picture frame. I am okay with the comp on these pictures but I can certainly see an even tighter composition within the photos.



Of course whether it’s Bald Eagles or any other bird, behavior, especially of the sort that shows the bird’s personality, is always a winner.

Bald Eagles are big macho type birds but they actually have a high, squeaky voice. This immature Bald Eagle is letting everyone within earshot know, that the fish is his/hers. Squeak, squeak.


There is nothing like a day of bird photography to fulfill the hunter (with a camera) and the journalist/artist that lives within all of us. The pictures above were taken on three different days, at three different locations, but each one is fresh in my memory as I write this. I can smell the smells, hear the sounds, and see the sights. Photography serves purposes, that are both obvious, and well beyond the obvious.

Happy Trails My Friends,                                                                                                              Wayne

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