Staying in Touch

Today’s post is just about staying in touch, or keeping this thing I call Earth Images up and running.  I began today with really nothing to say, but I decided to say it anyway.


For those of you who been following the saga of some ranchers who have taken over (with weapons) the headquarters of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon, the link I have included below may shed some light unto the subject. I believe in the National Refuge and Park system, because most Americans want it, and it gives all of us a wonderful place to witness nature and escape from the riggers of the asphalt jungle we call life. I do however also believe that government is Omni present in our lives and is a bully that ignores our constitution whenever it suits its purposes. I am not in favor of taking over government instilations with weapons, but as is always the case when it comes to the government, the other side is not getting the opportunity to tell their story.

So, if there is anyone in America (or the world) left with an open mind, the story at the end of the link might be for you. Keep in mind that it is written by those who favor the ranchers and it tells their story, but as far as I can tell, it is the truth, which is all that should matter.

Wildlife Refuge Takeover


I am listening to the radio as I write this blog. They are speaking of the latest major movie (newest from the Star Wars franchise) and the hostess is asking her radio partner if he had seen it yet. She called it a “must see” movie. He asks why must he see it. Her answer was that it is really good ( I hear that too), but mainly because everyone is seeing it. He asks, much as I would, why would you care if everyone is seeing it. She is in her twenties and he is in his late forties. That might say enough right there.

It’s funny how little we care about what the world deems necessary, once we put a few years in back of us. In fact, I normally avoid everything that I “must see”. I have been around long enough to trust my own instincts and wisdom, when it comes to what I must do. I must eat. I must sleep. I must do, what’s right. I must do what’s necessary to survive. I must listen to all sides of an issue before I made a positive statement in support of one side or another. There are a lot of things I must do, but seeing a movie, or watching a specific TV show, or getting a latest type of phone, have little to do with it.

The preceding statement has nothing to do with my opinion on Star Wars, which has generally been positive over the years.


While watching a TV version of a Bible study (I am always hungry for knowledge) the other day, I realized that I have misspoken, miswritten or better said misused, the term create many times. I use it often to describe making a photograph or a painting, or any other “creative endeavor“. I was reminded during the lesson that the only way for something to be created is when it comes into being from nothing. We use a camera to make pictures, and we photograph actual objects which have already been created by God (lakes animals etc.), or made by man (God’s Creation) such as buildings, cars etc. Painter’s use brushes, canvas’s, paint and make images from existing items or from mental pictures (memories) of existing items. Even if a painter paints an abstract that he/she concocted fully from their imagination, the finished work is still made of paint and canvas. What we see when we look at the painting, was made, not created.

I am quite sure that I will continue to use the term create, to describe making pictures. In the end, it’s just a word, but I am always grateful to those (the Bible lesson) who feed me knowledge that makes me think.


Let’s view some fine pictures from three great photographers.

Ian Plant has become one of my favorite landscape (and wildlife) photographers. This picture of the legendary Victoria Falls in Zambia, Africa displays why. Victoria is one of the world’s best known waterfalls. It was once, along with African wildlife, on my list of places to visit and subjects to photograph. I’ll do so through the artistic eyes of Ian Plant instead.1Victoria-Falls-at-sunrise,-ZambiaIanPlANT

I love images that employ the use of crepuscular rays. Those “God Beams” that spread the light when they peak through openings in a forest or the clouds. Landscape star Gary Crabbe created ( there’s that word again) this image.

Sunbeams stream through tropical forest at sunrise, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii

Sunbeams stream through tropical forest at sunrise, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii

Laurie Rubin made (a much better word) this evocative photo of some sort of Pelican. I love the light in this picture along with the textural details.Pelican Laurie Rubin

There is a lot of photographic talent in the world today.

I hope you have the best of days, and may God Bless,                                                          Wayne


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